Explore the Grohe Defined Collection

When installing a bathroom, whether in a residential setting or a high-end commercial build like a hotel, you’ll often run into GROHE fixtures. SUPPLY.com describes GROHE’s style as sleek but simple, making it an excellent choice for every type of bathroom.

If you’re looking for a quality bathroom collection that won’t cause any headaches when installing, search no further than the GROHE Defined Collection. Bathroom faucets, tub faucets, and shower trims, are all available, as well as accessories like towel bars and robe hooks. In this article, we break down exactly what you can find in the Defined Collection.

Bathroom Faucets

The Defined Collection is entirely made up of bathroom fixtures. Let’s begin with the most heavily used fixture: the bathroom faucet. There are three options available for Defined bathroom faucets, all of which feature a modern look, GROHE’s SilkMove and EcoJoy technologies, and are CEC Compliant.

Choose between a single-hole faucet, widespread faucet, and vessel faucet. All are available in Starlight Chrome and Brushed nickel, with the single-hole as the most cost-effective option.

grohe defined bathroom faucet

If you want a simple installation and basic style, go with the single-hole faucet. It’s small and only requires one hole in the sink basin. The vessel faucet is similar in that it only requires one hole, but typically should correspond with a higher, vessel sink. A widespread faucet isn’t too complex, but will take a bit longer to install with three holes in the sink basin.

Shower and Tub Faucets

As for the shower area, you can shop shower trims, tub spouts, and tub faucets depending on your needs.

For your tub spout, the options are straightforward – determine if you need a diverter or not and base your decision on that. A diverter allows the user to switch back and forth between the showerhead and the tub spout.

When looking at your shower trim, base your purchase on how many fixtures you have in the shower area. In the Defined collection, there are three trims available with one, two, and three settings. If it’s a shower only, you’ll just need the one setting. If you have a tub spout or handshower in addition to the showerhead, you’ll want the two-setting trim with a two-way diverter valve. For a shower with all three, get the three-setting trim with a three-way diverter valve.

If you’re shopping for a tub faucet, the GROHE Defined Tub Faucet is available in Starlight Chrome and Brushed Nickel. It comes with a built-in diverter and handshower. With its 37 1/2″ faucet height, it’s a perfect choice for a freestanding tub.

grohe defined tub faucet

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