Exploring Delta Temp2O Technology


When it comes to plumbing technology, Delta has made it their business to stay ahead of the game. With features like Touch2O and Diamond Seal Technology already changing the way homeowners interact with their kitchen and bathroom faucets, Delta has now turned their focus toward the shower, and their first priority is safety.

Water temperature in a shower or tub can range from ice cold to scalding hot, making it one of the main features that homeowners care about the most. When a shower is first turned on, there’s some guesswork surrounding the initial temperature of the water; this can get pretty stressful if the temperature is too hot, especially if there are children involved. Enter Delta Temp2O Technology, a feature designed to help you keep track of water temperature every step of the way.

Delta's Temp2O Technology provides both a number and a color to help you keep track of water temperature.

The Temp2O display fits in perfectly with Delta’s sleek yet practical design.

The technology itself is fairly simple. Every Delta product equipped with Temp2O Technology comes with a built-in digital display that monitors water temperature levels. In addition to showing the water temperature in degrees, the display also changes color based on how hot or cold the water is at that moment (pictured). Gone are the days when you risked scalding yourself just to check if the water was ready; with Temp2O, you can ensure a safe temperature before even turning the water on.

Temp2O Technology is available for showerheads, hand showers, and tub faucets, and at SUPPLY.com, we’ve got a wide range of all three. Whether you’re a bath person or a shower person, we want to make sure that you have complete control over your entire bathroom experience. And if you have your sights set on something a little more substantial, you can even redesign your entire shower system with our Traditional Temp2O Tub/Shower, available in five unique finishes.

The bathroom is a space for relaxation and refreshment, and safety hazards should be the last thing on your mind when you’re in there. Thanks to Delta’s Temp2O Technology, your bathroom can be safer and more convenient than ever before. For a closer look at Temp2O in action, check out the video below.

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