Exploring Duravit’s Timeless 1930 Collection

The Duravit 1930 Collection is a blend of nostalgia and modernism that gives your bathroom a charming, artistic atmosphere. Designed in the Golden Era, the 1930 Collection is retro only in style. All the fixtures are updated and technologically advanced so that this collection can truly be considered timeless.

On SUPPLY.com, there are two main components to shop for in the 1930 Collection: sinks and toilets. We’ve broken down each of these sections to give you a highlight of all that Duravit offers along with some specific product suggestions.

1930 Sinks

The sinks in the 1930 Collection are special with their iconic octagonal shaped basins, a tribute to the unique designs of the period in which they were introduced. The outer part of the sinks come in a variety of shapes, from wide rectangles to specialty corner-cut styles (pictured below).

Sink installation types of the 1930 Collection include drop in, pedestal, and wall mount. Drop in and wall mount sinks are slightly more modern, while pedestal sinks will look great in a historic home. Pedestal sinks involve two pieces – the sink itself and the pedestal, which contains all the plumbing. Pedestals tend to look the most unique of the three, but keep in mind when making a decision that they eliminate room for a cabinet underneath the sink. Some Duravit 1930 sink models come with an included pedestal while others can be bought separately. This washbasin set comes with a rectangular sink and an included pedestal. It is made of porcelain and comes in a White Alpin color.

No matter the installation you choose, Duravit 1930 sinks are a beautiful and original addition to your bathroom. A tip is to look for faucets with cross handles – these correspond well with the classic-meets-contemporary feel of the collection.

1930 Toilets

Like the sink basins, Duravit 1930 toilets and toilet seats have the trademark octagonal shape. Don’t worry, though – it’s subtle enough that sitting on the seat won’t be uncomfortable, and in fact the shape fits better to a range of body types than a small oval does. There are one-piece and two-piece options available; one-pieces are mounted on the wall, while two-pieces are mounted on the floor. Duravit’s signature WonderGliss coating looks and feels smooth, while keeping the toilet cleaner with a sanitary glaze baked into the ceramic. This two-piece toilet set is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a traditional toilet with a bit of design flair.

The Duravit 1930 bidet (pictured below, left) is one of the collection’s most exciting items, as it combines the past and the present with such natural ease. The bidet is wall-mounted, and, in addition to making your bathroom more hygienic, it makes it more stylish by adding a French-meets-farm charm.

Additional Duravit Products

The 1930 Collection is full of quality bathroom products that are great choices to keep any bathroom sanitary and functioning. The main draw in purchasing this particular Duravit collection, however, is the design element. The 1930s was a time of picturesque bathroom styles, from contrasting Art Deco themes to pastel sinks and soaps. A great way to incorporate this look into your home with a modern twist is to use lots of color, wallpaper, and patterned tile.

Another good addition to keep the 1930s feel alive is a freestanding tub – check out Duravit’s line here. Add in Duravit accessories like towel bars and mirrors to further stylize, and visit the entire product line to completely outfit your bathroom.

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