Exploring Elkay’s Quartz Classic Sinks

Contractors, designers, and homeowners have relied on Elkay to provide premium sinks, faucets, and accessories for nearly 100 years. As a result, Elkay has become both a leader in the modern kitchen plumbing industry, and a trendsetter when it comes to sink technology, materials, and finishes. And no products embody this idea more than Elkay’s classic lineup of Quartz sinks. Molded from up to 80% natural quartz, these sinks are a divergence from the regular stainless steel models that have made Elkay famous; however, the change in material comes hand-in-hand with a collection of useful features, many of which continue to be perfected by Elkay to this day.

To begin, the surface of every Quartz Classic sink is nonporous, meaning that unwanted bacteria, food particles, and liquid residue don’t stick around for too long. In other words, choosing Quartz means choosing a more hygienic kitchen experience. Plus, the harder material means that these sinks are resistant to both scratches and dents, and for you amateur chefs out there, the sinks are heat proof for over 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, the Quartz Classic sink has your back whether you’re in the kitchen all the time or barely ever, and at the end of the day, the slick surface makes cleaning as easy as a simple wipe with a cloth and some soap.

It’s pretty clear that Quartz Classic is taking the sink industry to a whole new level, but if you’re worried that these upgrades are straying too far away from the classic Elkay touch, fear not; the Quartz lineup is available in the same models and colors that Elkay has always offered, plus a few more recent additions – ten color options (pictured above) and 26 models to chose from, to be exact. From the simplicity of the white universal mount model to the spacious and practical dusk gray double bowl sink, the variety of Quartz Classic finishes and shapes gives you hundreds of choices when it comes time to make a purchase.

Check out more varieties of Quartz Classic that Elkay has to offer in the video below:

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