Exploring the Award-Winning Sitka Toilet, from Mirabelle

Our newest SUPPLY.com in-house brand, Mirabelle, brings harmony to a home with sensible yet sophisticated bath and kitchen products. We are proud to offer an entire catalog of Mirabelle categories from kitchen faucets to bathtubs, but in this article we want to highlight one product in particular: the Mirabelle Sitka Elongated One Piece Toilet.

mirabelle sitka one-piece toilet

At the beginning of 2018, this toilet won a platinum ADEX award for design excellence in the one-piece category. According to their website, the ADEX awards are the “largest and most prestigious awards program for product & project design.” The Mirabelle Sitka stood out to the judges with its contemporary style featuring a gently curving silhouette “inspired by the smoothness of Alaskan glaciers.” Delicate in appearance, the Sitka still maintains a high flushing power, creating a combination of simplicity and strength which is refreshing both in its unexpected pairing and in its bowl-cleansing capabilities.

Though powerful, this toilet is quiet. And though beautiful, it is minimalistic and easy to maintain. A full skirt surrounds the toilet, adding to its modern look and blending it easily with its surroundings. The concealed trapway and floor-mounted installation allows it to fit in perfectly to the floor with no clunky, rough parts obvious to the eye.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Sitka offers desirable practical features. The gravity-operated 1.28 gallon per flush mechanism is effective and qualifies the toilet as CEC Compliant and WaterSense Certified, meaning that it uses 20% less water than other toilets.  The toilet is ADA Compliant with a comfortable height and elongated bowl shape. The 12” rough-in is standard, making it easy to measure for and install.

Look to the rest of the Mirabelle line to complete your bathroom with sinks, shower systems, tub faucets and more. To keep it even more consistent, shop the Sitka tub collection for a design that will pair well with the Sitka toilet. The Sitka will add modern style to the bathroom and give it an extra edge – not everyone can say they have an award-winning toilet in their home! It’s a relatively affordable option, so you’ll get all the perks that this toilet offers without having to sacrifice price.

See below for some of the most popular categories that Mirabelle has to offer.

Mirabelle Bathroom ProductsPrice Range
Mirabelle Bathroom FaucetsUnder $100 - $500
Mirabelle Bathroom SinksUnder $100 - $400
Mirabelle Tub and Shower FaucetsUnder $100 - $300
Mirabelle Whirlpool Bathtubs$500 - $3000
Mirabelle Toilets$100 - $1000
Mirabelle Kitchen ProductsPrice Range
Kitchen Faucets$100 - $500
Kitchen Sinks$100 - $1500
Kitchen Soap Dispensers$25 - $50
Kitchen Air GapsUnder $15 - $20
Kitchen PartsUnder $10 - $30

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