Exploring the TOTO Washlet Bidet Seat

Bidet seats are technology-assisted toilet seats that clip on top of regular toilets, and were created as a more convenient and space-efficient alternative to the regular, separate bidet model. Since its invention in 1988, the TOTO Washlet bidet seat has become a leading standard in bidet seat technology, and SUPPLY.com is proud to include an entire collection of TOTO Washlets in our inventory.

In this article, we’ll get you up to speed on all the extra features you get when you purchase a Washlet, and how this single product can upgrade your bathroom toward new levels of comfort and efficiency.

Washlet Features

By far the most impressive part of the TOTO Washlet is the sheer amount of technology it contains. The seat is engineered to ensure that any user, regardless of age or size, can obtain an easy and hygienic cleaning experience. TOTO accomplishes this through a combination of customizable settings and top-of-the-line water technology, which we’ll dive deeper into below.

Bidet Settings

The foundation of any TOTO Washlet is, of course, its bidet functionality. Each seat is equipped with a self-cleaning wand that extends out into the toilet bowl once you are done using the toilet. The wand has the ability to oscillate back and forth, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience, and it typically comes with several customizable spray settings, including both rear cleanse and front cleanse.

In addition to these basic features, several Washlet models contain additional functionality that make for a more comfortable bidet experience. The TOTO Washlet S350e, for example, is built to fit elongated toilet bowls and comes with both a warm air dryer and an air deodorizer. The idea here is that a bidet seat should only make your bathroom experience easier, without giving you any additional tasks when it comes to comfort and hygiene.

Electronic Technology

At first glance, the TOTO Washlet is a simply toilet seat that also functions as a bidet; however, a closer look will reveal the time and energy that TOTO invested in making the Washlet a technological marvel. The seat is completely electronic, and is therefore able to be controlled via a remote that can either be mounted to the wall or be handheld. The remote allows you to “program” your ideal bidet settings, ensuring that you have the most comfortable experience every time you use it.

Other innovations included in a typical Washlet are an automatic lid that senses motion and open and closes on its own, a heated seat that puts an end to the dreaded shock of a cold toilet seat once and for all, and an LED night light that extends around the toilet bowl and is sure to impress.


One of the most impressive (and useful) parts of the TOTO Washlet is its eWater+ feature. Units that come with eWater+ contain special mechanisms that use the incoming water supply to spray a mist of electrolyzed water into the toilet bowl and onto the bidet wand, which in turn keeps the overall interior 80% cleaner than a dry bowl. This feature is activated before and after toilet use, and every 8 hours when the toilet is not in use.

Want to see eWater+ in action, along with every other Washlet feature? Check out TOTO’s “How to Use a Washlet” highlight video below:

The TOTO Washlet collection contains multiple bidet seat options that may or may not include some of the features we have listed here, depending on the seat in question. Check out the entire lineup below at SUPPLY.com, and if you need any help at all choosing your ideal Washlet, feel free to reach out to our team of product experts at 888-426-2323, or email support@supply.com – we’d love to assist you!