Faster Shower Rough-In with American Standard’s New Valve

Another day, another shower – you’ve got rough-in down to science. Your formula doesn’t always work, though. Sometimes you need extra screws, or you’re replacing an old valve model that doesn’t exist anymore. You want to get on with your work, not spend too much time adjusting to a shower rough-in valve that isn’t at all user-friendly.

The new shower valve from American Standard simplifies and speeds up your job with its compact design and perfected installation process. SUPPLY.com got a chance to check out this valve in action when American Standard came for a visit earlier this year, and we’ve been bursting to share it ever since.

american standard shower rough-in install

How will the Flash valve speed up install?

When you’re roughing in a shower, you’ll need to consider several things. What size is the shower setup and how much room is there for the plumbing behind the wal ? Do you need stub-out connections or PEX cold expansion connections? The Flash™ valve is made to quickly adapt to every need you have with the following features.

Small Valve Body

The flat back of the valve allows it to mount flush with a 2×4 cross brace, and the small size helps the valve fit in tight spaces. The included test cap is easy to remove, but the stainless steel ring with flats keeps it securely in place without the extra hassle of screws.

american standard shower rough-in install

Clear Guidelines

The valve is clearly marked for rough-in and made to easily center in the wall. The markings simplify the process and eliminate any unnecessary confusion.

Thin Wall Installation

No need to worry about the density of the wall – the Flash™ valve works with both standard and thin walls. When installing the valve in a thin wall, simply remove the plaster guard and rotate it 90 degrees. The hole guides make it easy to center the valve and keep it secure.

american standard shower rough-in install

Variety of Connection Options

There are several Flash options available. All have the same basic features, but you can purchase based on the connection options you need.

The valve models with PEX Crimp and Cold Expansion connections feature a 90° PEX elbow integrated into the valve body that can easily be rotated. Exclusive to American Standard, the Flash™ valves with stub-out connections include press-connect fittings that connect directly to the valve and ½” brass stub-outs integrated into the valve body. The direct connection eliminates the need to solder copper. 

The different types of connections available in the Flash collection are listed below.

Cartridge with Double Ceramic Technology

American Standard’s cartridge with double ceramic technology is the first-to-market of its kind. It combines the mixing valve with the pressure balance unit to offer a wide range of temperature, along with a leak-free, scald-free guarantee. The Flash™ valve line are all compatible with this cartridge, which makes install even faster.

Flash Compatible Trim Options

The Flash™ valve will help you save time on the job. Save time searching for a compatible shower kit by checking our top trim picks below.

As a trade professional, your time is precious. The faster you can get one job done, the sooner you can move on to the next. Increase your efficiency with the Flash™ valve and the rest of the American Standard shower kit.

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