4 Finishing Touches for Your Kitchen Sink

After a long kitchen renovation or simple sink upgrade, you may think you’re done right? Wrong. Just like your outfit, your sink is never complete without accessories. Accessories improve the functionality of your kitchen and protect your new sink so it can last for years.

We’ve rounded up four essential kitchen sink accessories that any kitchen can benefit from.

1. Stainless Steel Bottom Grids

Protect your stainless steel sink and avoid dents and scratches with a bottom grid. Bottom grids sit slightly above the bottom of the sink, providing a platform for dishes, pots, and pans to sit on. This slight elevation allows water to run into the drain, stops the sink from filling with dirty water, and ensures that your cleaned dishes stay that way. Bottom grids can also be used to stack dishes vertically while they dry.


2. Magnetic Accessories

Many sinks, including several from Elkay, are magnetic. Take advantage of this with magnetic accessories. E-dock hooks and sponge holders from Elkay stick to the inside lip of the sink, saving space on the countertop. Furthermore, magnetic utensil holders are a great way to store dirty utensils in the sink without worrying if they will fall down the drain. E-dock accessories pair with particular sinks that include a magnetic strip. Be sure to look for this specification on your spec sheet before purchasing.


3. Custom Fit Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are essential for food preparation, and specialized cutting boards from Elkay simplify your cooking process. Elkay cutting boards fit into your sink lip, essentially increasing your food prep area and counter space. Some cutting boards even have a conveniently placed hole for the easy disposal of food scraps into the sink.


4. Stainless Steel Rinsing Baskets

Rinsing baskets, much like bottom grids, protect your sink and help organize dishes while they are being rinsed. Unlike bottom grids, however, rinsing baskets are smaller than the sink basin. Rinsing baskets can also be used to wash fruits and veggies before preparing a meal.


If you’re ready to take your kitchen sink to its full potential, check out these accessories and more at SUPPLY.com!