How GROHE is Revolutionizing Showers with Custom Technology

With a century of German engineering under their belt and a commitment to quality, design, and sustainability, GROHE is a definite frontrunner in the world of modern shower systems. The company uses a range of technology, from practical to digital, in order to provide each customer with a customized shower experience like no other. In this article, we’ll give a brief overview of some of the leading custom technologies that GROHE offers today; if you’re looking to upgrade your shower time with some of the latest and greatest tech the industry has to offer, keep reading.


The SmartControl Shower System

Any conversation about GROHE’s innovative shower technology must include the GROHE SmartControl shower system. Like we discussed in our previous article on the subject, the SmartControl system gives you complete control of your shower experience via a series of easy-to-use buttons located on the trim. You push a button to start and stop the flow of water, and that same button doubles as a knob that allows you to control water pressure.

Water temperature and spray settings are also changeable, and any changes you make during your shower remain in place even after you’re done, meaning once you find your ideal settings, you get the same shower every time.

DreamSpray Water Flow Technology

No matter the make or model, every shower from GROHE is equipped with DreamSpray technology. This custom GROHE system is located within the showerhead itself, and is designed to ensure an even distribution of both air and water to each nozzle, regardless of the spray pattern. The result? A smooth, consistent water flow that massages your body instead of pummeling it.

Speaking of spray patterns, GROHE has invented quite a few. Among their entire shower collection, the company has nine different spray options, incorporating both water and air to create a unique experience for each of their customers. From the tension-relieving effects of the Bokoma Spray to the focused energy of the Jet Spray, GROHE has an option to fit any situation. Check out the chart below for illustrations of the entire GROHE spray lineup!

The Power&Soul Showerhead

Following in the footsteps of the intuitive SmartControl system, the Power&Soul showerhead from GROHE comes with four buttons the customer can use to select spray patterns. The choices are GROHE Rain O2, Rain, Bokoma Spray, and Jet, and the user can switch between all four with a single push.

As an added bonus, each Power&Soul showerhead comes with the standard, long-lasting GROHE StarLight finish, and certain rainshower-style showerheads also come complete with and additional Power&Soul handshower – all the ease of use, with some extra maneuverability added in.

TurboStat Temperature Control

How many times have you been in the middle of the shower, and suddenly the temperature shifts dramatically when someone decides to put in an extra load of laundry downstairs? With GROHE TurboStat technology, these rapid shifts are no longer a problem. The company’s custom thermostat monitors both temperature and pressure for the duration of the shower, and is able to detect and correct any sudden changes within a fraction of a second, making for a more comfortable and more water efficient shower system.

GROHE Aquatunes


Of course, we can’t have a list of groundbreaking GROHE shower technology without including the Aquatunes shower speaker. Water resistant and coated with the company’s StarLight finish, this gadget connects wirelessly to any device with Bluetooth 4.0 or below, and comes complete with volume control and skip functionality. Sit it on the counter or dock it directly onto the shower rail; either way, music in the shower has never been easier or looked better.

Have any questions about the GROHE shower technology we’ve covered here? Feel free to reach out to the SUPPLY.com team of product experts at 866-355-0310, we’d love to help you craft the perfect shower experience!

All of the items listed here and more are available at SUPPLY.com – check out the whole GROHE lineup today!