Your Guide to the Danze Opulence Collection

Danze has been a familiar name in the faucet business for nearly two decades, and in that time, they have established themselves as a bit of a wildcard compared to more traditional brands. The Danze name is associated with unique design and user-friendly technology, and nowhere are these two qualities more evident than in the Danze Opulence collection.

The Opulence collection from Danze contains a range of both kitchen and bathroom products, all of which are equipped with a combination of classic, graceful design and innovative modern tech. SUPPLY.com is proud to carry Danze Opulence, and we’ve gone ahead and highlighted our favorite parts of the collection below. Whether you’re a plumbing professional in search of a stylish yet affordable brand, or a homeowner looking to spruce up your kitchen or bath, Opulence is worth a look.

Opulence in the Kitchen

You can’t talk about Danze without talking about their lineup of kitchen faucets, and the Opulence collection is no different. Opulence kitchen faucets are designed with an early-20th-century look in mind, and are sure to bring a certain timeless elegance to any modern home. But don’t let the old fashioned appearance fool you – these faucets are equipped with the latest innovations from Danze, making them some of the more user-friendly on the market today.

The Opulence Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, for example, is equipped with more than one type of technology to keep its spray head securely in place. The first is SnapBack, a revolutionary system that uses an adjustable weight beneath the sink to pull the faucet head back into place when not in use. And if that’s not enough, the second innovation at play here is Danze’s new Dock Force technology. Dock Force uses magnetic technology to keep the faucet spray head tightly locked to the spout, giving the faucet a clean, sharp look once you’re done using it. Want to see the SnapBack/Dock Force combination in action? Check out the video from Danze above!

If you want to complete the Opulence look for your kitchen, be sure to explore the full range of products on SUPPLY.com, including the Opulence pot filler faucet, faucet handle, and soap dispenser.

Danze Opulence Bathroom Faucet

Opulence in the Bathroom

When it comes to a timeless bathroom look, nothing beats a Danze Opulence shower. Depending on the size and configuration of your bathroom, Opulence has regular shower faucet options, or tub and shower faucet combinations, all of which boast that same gently curved design that gives the collection such an elegant look. Plus, most pieces in the Opulence shower lineup come in a polished chrome, tumbled bronze, or brushed nickel finish, giving you options in case you want to match fixtures.

Pair your shower fixtures with a classic Opulence widespread bathroom faucet (pictured) and accessorize with a tub spout and toilet paper holder, and you’re looking at a bathroom that combines form and function across a multitude of products to create one cohesive look. Putting an innovative spin on traditional design is how Danze has made their mark on the plumbing industry, and the Opulence collection is only the latest in a long line of examples that prove this point.

Did the Danze Opulence collection grab your attention? Check out the full lineup below, and feel free to give the SUPPLY.com team of product experts a call at 888-426-2323 if you have any questions!