Hansgrohe Select: The One-Touch Technology That’s Changing the Game


Innovation has always been the name of the game for German-based company Hansgrohe; their faucets and showers are never complete without some form of technology intended to make the experience easier for the customer. Simplicity and efficiency is all the rage these days in the plumbing industry, and Hansgrohe stands at the forefront of that trend. Their latest innovation? Select, the “touch of a button” technology guaranteed to make your kitchen and bathroom experience more intuitive and stress-free than ever.

Like we touched on in our Ultimate Guide to Hansgrohe Shower and Faucet Technology, Select products typically operate via a single button. Described by Hansgrohe themselves as “the ultimate click experience,” these products are meant to eliminate any complicated twist or pull mechanisms that may be difficult for people of certain ages to use. Select technology is available in three different Hansgrohe product types:

  • Showerheads with Select technology are usually installed directly into the ceiling, like the Hansgrohe Raindance model, with the Select button located in the center of the fixture. A simple push of the button alternates between spray modes.
  • Handshowers with Select technology, like this model from the Croma collection, have the button built into the handle, well within easy thumb’s reach. It is also worth noting that, if your shower contains both a showerhead and a handshower, Hansgrohe has a collection of Select shower trims that allow you to switch the flow of water between the two with the touch of a button.
  • Faucets with Select technology contain a single large button to turn the flow of water on or off, along with an additional lever for controlling temperature. The Talis bathroom faucet is minimally designed and WaterSense certified, while the Metris kitchen faucet contains a pullout spray that makes operating the faucet as easy as clicking a pen. Constant temperature and water pressure combined with an easy-to-access Select button make these faucets flexible and reliable even when your hands are full.

Want to see Select in action? Check out a demonstration of the Hansgrohe Raindance Select handshower below!

At its core, Select technology is all about convenience and efficiency, making it easier for you to focus more on the task at hand, and less on the hardware you use. The future of home technology is simplicity, and what could be simpler than a single button? Whether it’s in the bathroom or the kitchen, Select has the power to streamline your routine and remove some of that day-to-day hassle; plus, it doesn’t hurt that the fixtures themselves are designed to look great in any setting.

If you like Select and want to see more from Hansgrohe, you can check out the entire collection at SUPPLY.com!