6 Outdoor Lighting Products That Will Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Outdoor lighting creates a welcoming environment around the exterior of your home, in addition to providing a level of security by lighting dangerous paths and dark corners. Landscape lighting is made specifically to be outside and resist the elements, without shorting out in the rain or snow. With such an abundance of products available in many finishes and styles, new outdoor lighting fixtures will undoubtedly increase the curb appeal of your home.

Below, we have gathered five outdoor lighting products that we believe are a surefire way to boost the resale value of your home, and look great while doing it.

1. Outdoor Wall Sconceswall-sconce

Perhaps the easiest way to add curb appeal and safety to your home is to accent your front door with outdoor wall sconces. A singular light or a pair on either side of the door does wonders to brighten your front entry.

With thousands of sconces on the market, outdoor wall sconces are a great way to showcase your personal design style to guests before they even walk into your home. Modern outdoor wall sconces, like those from the Progress Lighting Cylinders and Kichler Newport collections, are neutrally colored to bring focus to the architecture of the home. Trendy industrial-inspired sconces, like those of the Sea Gull Lighting Sebring collection and the Kenroy Home Beacon suite, pair beautifully with rustic farmhouses and mid-century ranches. Those who only have room for one outdoor wall sconce will appreciate the simple design of the Progress Lighting Brookside collection. One fixture emits enough light to illuminate the entire front entry.

Of course, the most popular choice in outdoor wall sconces are the ever-classic lanterns.

latern2. Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns are timeless and elegant. Reminiscent of the gas lanterns used from the 1500s until after the discovery of electricity, wall mounted outdoor lanterns are chosen by homeowners with historic, traditional, and even contemporary homes.

Today’s outdoor wall lanterns range from the overly ornate, to the simple but chic, like the Maxim Lighting Dover Wall Mount Lantern. Available in multiple finishes, homeowners can match their wall lanterns with the hardware of their front doors and house numbers. Even better, wall mount lanterns are only one of several outdoor lantern choices.

Post lanterns typically adorn outdoor paths and sidewalks that lead to and from the home. Meant to light the terrain of the path, many homeowners prefer to place outdoor lanterns at the foot of their front yard as a decorative touch that welcomes guests to their home. While traditional post lanterns are still very prevalent, new post lanterns are departing from their historical roots and cover many design aesthetics. The aluminum Feiss Wright House Post Lantern and the rustic Kichler Mackenzie Post Lantern are two examples of post lanterns that are anything but traditional.

Finally, outdoor pendant lanterns are fabulous way to add a lantern to a home without wiring outside the front door or along an outdoor path. Typically hung from porticos that cover the front door, the ceilings of tall porches, and even sometimes used in the garage, pendant lanterns give homeowners leeway to bring extravagance to the outdoors. The Maxim Lighting Monticello and Newbury Outdoor Pendant Lanterns are perfect examples of ornate fixtures that pack a punch.

3. Deck and Patio Lightsdeck_light

During the summer and even into fall, everyone loves to use their back deck and patio for cookout and parties. As these gatherings can easily extend into the night, it is important to take precautionary steps to light your outdoor space to prevent injury. Deck and patio lights serve just that purpose.

Patio lights, like the Trans Globe Standard Patio Light collection, attach to posts and beams of a deck and project light downward to illuminate railings and deck perimeters. Step lights, like the Progress Lighting One-Step Lights, are installed on the riser or side of each staircase step to prevent trips and falls.

The Maxim Lighting Outdoor Deck Lantern, and other deck lanterns like it, are installed on pillars or walls that define property boundaries and driveways. Deck lanterns are wired into the pillars and their location must be considered when the pillar is being built.

outdoor_chandelier4. Outdoor Chandeliers

Bring the elegance of the inside of the home to the backyard with an outdoor chandelier. Specially wired and weather resistant, outdoor chandeliers look fantastic hanging over patio tables and seating areas. Hung from porch or trellis ceilings, even beams that cross the yard, outdoor chandeliers are a more sophisticated lighting choice than flood lights. Kichler Lighting has several outdoor chandeliers to choose from, including a Japanese-inspired fixture and a fixture reminiscent of an old hunting lodge. Mix and match your outdoor chandelier with accent lights for a gorgeous backyard.

5. Accent Lightsaccent_light

Shine the spotlight on your beautiful landscaping with outdoor accent lights. Trees, windows, and even flag poles are all commonly lit with these lights, and they can be easily customized to illuminate any area of your choosing. Installed and wired on the ground, accent lights are inconspicuous, ensuring the attention remains on the subject of your spotlight. Furthermore, they are constantly on throughout the night, a major burglar deterrent. And as an added bonus, accent lights are available in energy-efficient LED options to reduce your electric costs.

well_light6. Well Lights

Lastly, if you are seeking the illuminating power of an accent light but without the above-ground hardware, the well light may be the product for you. These lights are embedded in the ground, making them practically invisible when placed strategically throughout your yard, and allowing all of the viewer’s focus to be drawn to the outdoor feature of your home that you want highlighted. Able to be buried in a variety of landscapes, including dirt, bark, and rocks, well lights can provide a soft ambiance at a reasonable cost. Check out the Kichler Well Light collection to find a product that beautifully compliments your home’s exterior.

Any combination of these outdoor lighting options will increase both the safety and curb appeal of your home. With many type and finish options on the market, you are just a few clicks away from choosing the signature style that will highlight your home’s exterior and take your outdoor experience to the next level.