Keep Your Toilet Spotless with American Standard VorMax Technology


The toilet is without a doubt one of the most essential items in any house; it performs a thankless waste-removal task, and no modern home is complete without one. Unfortunately, more often than not, the toilet is also the one item homeowners enjoy cleaning the least. There are always nooks and crannies that practically exist to collect dirt, and any grime inside the bowl is not something you want to get your hands near. Recently, American Standard has decided to take a stand for toilet hygiene with their VorMax Toilet Flushing technology.

American Standard VorMax FlushOne Flush Cleans All

“The Cleanest Flush Ever Engineered” is how American Standard describes VorMax technology. And for such a bold statement, the technology itself is relatively simple. A single powerful jet of water is released from a hole near the back of the bowl, and thanks to American Standard’s CleanCurve (TM) Rim design, this water is directed around the bowl in a sweeping motion that covers the entire surface in one go.

In other words, VorMax technology combines water power with a finely engineered bowl shape in order to produce the most effective flush, while using the least amount of water (1.28 gallons per flush, to be exact, which makes the toilet WaterSense certified by the EPA). The future of toilet technology lies at the intersection of power and design, and VorMax proves that.

…And the Outside Too

It’s clear that the VorMax system keeps the inside of a toilet bowl scrubbed clean, but it’s important to note that VorMax toilets contain hygienic properties on the exterior as well. In particular, American Standard’s custom EverClean (R) surface treatment “inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface” of every toilet (according to the company themselves). All toilets equipped with VorMax technology on the inside also come complete with a double coat of EverClean on the outside, ensuring that any time you spend on your knees scrubbing porcelain is kept to a minimum.

We could tell you more about how the VorMax toilet is a hygienic choice for any home, or we could just show you. Check out the video from American Standard below to see VorMax technology in action!

SUPPLY.com Is Team VorMax

SUPPLY.com has been a dedicated carrier of American Standard products for years, and of course that includes an entire lineup of VorMax toilets. Our best-selling model? The American Standard Heritage VorMax Elongated Two Piece Toilet. This toilet is available in either a white or a linen finish, is WaterSense certified, and is ADA compliant, meaning people of all ages and sizes can take advantage of VorMax. American Standard is looking to the future when it comes to toilet technology, and SUPPLY.com is happy to bridge the gap between company and customer.

Got your eye on a VorMax toilet? You can get in touch with a SUPPLY.com representative at 877‑781‑3114, or check out our entire collection below!