Know Your TOTO: FAQs About The World’s Best Selling Toilets


As the world’s largest manufacturer of toilets, TOTO knows how to make a quality product. There are over one hundred toilets on the market just from TOTO! However, such a wide variety to choose from often leads to some questions from the shopper. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about TOTO toilets. We hope this will help clarify any confusion you have when researching your next plumbing product, but if you have any additional questions, feel free to call our team of product experts at (888) 426-2323.

5 blocks of brown, white, black, and grays with words beside themQ: Are all TOTO toilets white? Are they available in any other colors?

A: While plain white is certainly the standard color choice for most toilets, TOTO toilets are available in several colors, including Cotton White, Bone, Ebony, Colonial White, and Beige.

As you can see in the accompanying image, each color has been assigned a number. That number always appears in the manufacturer SKU or product number of each toilet. This will help you tell what color your toilet is.

For example, the manufacturer SKU of a TOTO Drake Elongated Two-Piece Toilet in Cotton White is CST744SL#01. The manufacturer SKU of the same toilet in Ebony is CST744SL#51.  As you can see, the numbers at the end of the SKU identify the color of the toilet.

Q: Are TOTO toilets pressure assisted?

A: No. TOTO does not make any pressure assisted or vacuum assisted toilets.

Q: So how are TOTO toilets flushed? What is the difference between each flushing system?

A: TOTO has several different flushing systems to choose from:

G-Max – the most popular system used in TOTO toilets, toilets with G-Max are consistently recognized as the best flushing toilets on the market. G-Max toilets have a 3 inch flush valve and a fully glazed trap allowing waste to easily be disposed. A powerful siphon jet action also helps to clear the bowl quickly and consistently.

All toilets with G-Max use 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Several states have regulations that require all new toilets purchased must use 1.28 gallons per flush or less. If you are live in one of these states or want a more water-efficient toilet, try a toilet with the E-Max flushing system.

E-Max – the eco-friendly version of G-Max, E-Max has all of the power and capability of the G-Max system, but only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Dual-Max – the best compromise between saving water and getting the job done is a dual-flush toilet. Dual-Max is TOTO’s dual-flush system. Each toilet has the option of a 0.9 gallon flush or a 1.6 gallons flush, letting the homeowner choose what amount is needed at their discretion.

Double Cyclone – the Double Cyclone flushing system uses the power of gravity combined with centrifugal force to environmentally and efficiently flush the toilet. Water drops from the toilet tank and then pushed out of two nozzles that force water to circle the bowl, cleaning as it flushes. Double Cyclone toilets use 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Cyclone – found in the luxury Neorest toilets, the Cyclone flushing system is just like the Double Cyclone system, only it uses one powerful nozzle of water instead of two due to the Neorest not having a tall tank. The Cyclone is a quiet flush and does not make a refilling noise after the flush. The Cyclone varies in gallons per flush used, from 0.8 to 1.6.

Tornado – The latest in TOTO’s long line of flushing systems, the Tornado system employs three separate water jets placed around the inside of the toilet bowl to wash away debris quietly and extremely efficiently. Furthermore, toilets that contain the Tornado flushing system also have no rim along their upper edge, thereby greatly limiting the amount of germs and other small materials that would otherwise gather in areas of the toilet hidden to the eye.

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A white toilet against a blue wall Q: Are TOTO toilets difficult to install?

A: No, TOTO toilets are just as easy to install as any other toilet on the market.

Q: What is a rough in and do I need to know mine before selecting a TOTO toilet?

A: The rough in is the distance from the toilet bolts to the back wall of the bathroom (without including molding in this measurement). The standard rough in measurement is 12 inches, though older homes may have a rough in of 10 or 14 inches.

It is always a good idea to know your rough in measurement when selecting a toilet. Most TOTO toilets come in a 12 inch rough in, but there are some TOTO Drake and Aquia toilets available with a 10 inch rough in.

For more info on toilet rough-ins, read our guide

Q: What is a skirted toilet?

A: A skirted toilet hides the trap of the toilet with a smooth piece of porcelain. Many skirted toilets also hide the bolts of the toilet, which are accessed by panels built into the skirt. Skirted toilets are slightly easier to clean, as they do not have the nooks and crannies of non-skirted toilets.


Q: Why do I need to examine my supply line before choosing a skirted toilet?

A: Some skirted toilets cover the back of the toilet as well, with the toilet skirt reaching very close to the back wall. This can interfere with the supply line of the toilet (the pipes that connect from the back wall to the base of the toilet). While your plumber can always move the supply lines, this is an expensive task. Refer to the toilet’s spec sheet (under Documents on any SUPPLY.com product page) to ensure your supply line will fit with a skirted toilet.

Q: Do I need a wax ring for a TOTO toilet? Can I use any ring?

A: Yes, you will need a wax ring when installing a TOTO toilet. You can use any wax ring that will fit your toilet specifications.

Q: What is SanaGloss?

A: SanaGloss is a protective coating baked into the finish of select TOTO toilets, resulting in a slick surface that helps prevent waste from sticking to the toilet bowl. SanaGloss is also very sanitary and anti-bacterial, cutting down on the amount of time needed to clean the bowl.

Q: How do I clean a TOTO SanaGloss toilet?

A: To keep a SanaGloss finish functioning at its best, it is suggested that you never use an abrasive cleaner on the surface and instead stick with liquid cleaner and a soft sponge.

Q: How can I tell if my toilet comes with a seat?

A: All 1 piece TOTO toilets include a seat, while TOTO 2 piece toilets require a seat to be purchased separately.

Q: Can I use any toilet seat on a TOTO toilet?

A: Yes, any standard toilet seat with a 5.5 inch spread will fit on a TOTO toilet, but keep in mind it can be very difficult to match the color of the seat to the color of the bowl if you do not choose a TOTO toilet seat.

A white toilet seatQ: What is a SoftClose toilet seat? What is the difference between a Standard SoftClose seat and a Traditional SoftClose seat?

A: A SoftClose toilet seat is a toilet seat that slowly closes with a small tap. SoftClose toilets prevent “toilet slam,” the loud noise heavy toilet seats make when dropped.

Traditional SoftClose seats have a beveled edge cut into the lid, which gives it more detail, while Standard SoftClose seats have smooth lids.

Q: Do TOTO bidets come with the faucet I see in the product picture?

A: No, bidet faucets must be purchased separately

Q: Are TOTO toilets safe to ship? Will they arrive cracked?

A: It is absolutely safe to have a TOTO toilet shipped if they are sent correctly. At SUPPLY.com we take great care to ensure your toilet will not break or crack during delivery.

Q: What is a Universal Height, or ADA Compliant Height, toilet?

A: Universal Height toilets, also known as ADA Compliant Height or Comfort Height, measure 17 and 19 inches from the floor to the top of the toilet seat. These toilets are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and are required for public restrooms. These toilets are very comfortable for the elderly and tall homeowners, hence the name Comfort Height.

For more information about TOTO toilets, including the difference between a 1 and 2 piece toilet and TOTO accessories, read our TOTO Toilet Buyer’s Guide.