Maintain Efficiency and Hygiene with Duravit Rimless Toilets


A prominent name in the sanitary industry for over 50 years, Duravit is a German company that specializes in hygienic bathroom products ranging from sinks to shower panels. The entire Duravit bathroom suite is impressive any way you look at it, but it is in their world-renowned toilets that the company truly hits their stride. Known for their water efficiency and ADA compliance, Duravit toilets are affordable and can be customized to fit a variety of bathroom styles. And with their lineup of Rimless toilets, Duravit is bringing a entirely new level of cleanliness to the bathroom.

The concept behind Rimless toilets is simple. The shape of the bowl is angled in such a way that, through a combination of precisely measured fluid mechanics and design, every flush cleans as large of an area within the bowl as possible, while using a relatively small amount of water. The water shoots out of two main holes located near the back of the bowl, as well as from several holes located above the drain (check out the video below to see the full flush in action). The resulting flow essentially covers the entire interior of the bowl without creating a splash.

Combine a Rimless toilet with a SensoWash toilet seat and you have what Duravit simply calls “The Best Toilet.” SensoWash seats, by the way, are built to clean with warm water much like a bidet. They can be completely remote controlled, and even come with an energy-saving mode, making them the perfect pair for a water-efficient Rimless toilet.

For an even deeper level of convenience, check out Duravit Rimless toilets with WonderGliss coatings, like Duravit P3 Comforts toilet bowl. WonderGliss ensures that the surface to the toilet bowl is too smooth for dirt, waste, or other materials to become attached; paired with an easily accessible interior rim, this feature makes cleaning a Rimless toilet a breeze.

If the Duravit Rimless toilet catches your eye, you can check out the entire collection at SUPPLY.com!