Remodel More Efficiently with Delta’s Emerge Shower Column

Sometimes a bathroom remodel means gutting everything from floor to ceiling, but sometimes it just means one component, like a shower head, needs to be upgraded. Shower heads are attached to the shower arm and interact with the valve behind the wall, so typically the shower wall has to be ripped out in order to renovate, which can be a 3-5 day job. If only there was a way to switch it up without tearing down the wall…

Enter the Delta Emerge Shower Column, available at SUPPLY.com.

Delta’s New Emerge Shower Column

Designed to work with any shower head or hand shower, the Emerge Shower Column, a sliding bar that will attach to both a shower head and a hand shower, can be installed without altering the plumbing behind the wall. The innovative bar and hose work with whatever system is already in place – to install, simply remove the existing shower arm and use mounting brackets to attach the column to the shower wall. Then screw in the shower head and hand shower accordingly.

We recommend the Emerge Shower Column for any professional that needs a quick solution to their bathroom remodel job. If you have a customer who wants an upscale hand shower and shower head but does not want to pay for an entire wall tear-down and installation, the Emerge is the best route to take.

Emerge Shower Column Features

Several features set the Emerge Shower Column apart. We already mentioned that it can be customized with any shower head and that there’s no need to alter the plumbing behind the wall when installing.

The Emerge Column also comes with an integrated 3-way diverter that can be used for single or shared operation of the shower head and hand shower. The integrated hose supply rids the need for an additional supply elbow (you’ll only need one for the entire column, instead of two for the hose and the shower arm).

The shower arm is 15 inches, which makes it a good choice for a rain shower head or any other model. Check out a quick roundup of features below.

delta emerge shower column remodel shower

Additional Components

If you already have a hand shower or shower head, just attach to the column. Need a new hand shower or shower head to pair with the column for the remodel? Check out our top recommendations for Delta Universal Showering Components to use with the Emerge column:

Shower Head: Delta 52668

With four spray settings, this shower head is CEC Compliant, installs in minutes, and comes in six finish options (although only stainless and chrome will match the Emerge column). The simplistic design is easy to clean and will look good in any bathroom setting.

Hand Shower: Delta 55799

This hand shower will pair well with the shower head mentioned above. It comes with two spray settings and a pause function, is offered in four finishes, and the price won’t break the bank.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Something to keep in mind is that the Emerge Column is not a grab bar. Though it has a similar shape, the column does not fit the ADA requirements for a grab bar and will not support someone who needs to hold on. That being said, it is very sturdy for its intended purpose.

While we recommend the Emerge Shower Column even for extended remodeling projects, it can sometimes be beneficial to replace the entire shower and tub – like in an older space that may have mold and mildew, or when the floor tile or backer board could use some updating. If this is case, you can still use all the products we mentioned above.

Have any questions about the Delta Emerge Shower Column or anything else related to shower install? Our team of SUPPLY.com product experts is here to help – browse the site below or give us a call at 877-781-3114! 

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