Spotlight on the American Standard Edgewater Collection

For well over a century, American Standard has lived up to their name: a leader in the plumbing fixture industry on a national scale. Adhering to a “tradition of quality and innovation that puts [them] in three out of five homes in America,” the company specializes in reliable kitchen and bathroom products that vary across a wide range of designs, which in turn allows them to match the preference of nearly any customer.

Their latest and greatest? The Edgewater collection. This lineup of kitchen sinks and faucets continues the tradition of American Standard simplicity, with a geometric, almost futuristic look that earned it the Red Dot Award for excellence in product design. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the more popular products in the Edgewater collection, as well as a few reasons that Edgewater stands out from the crowd.

Edgewater Sinks

The Edgewater kitchen sink collection is composed of stainless steel models that come with either one or two basins. The corners are strictly 90 degrees for a sharp look, and each sink has the option to be either top-mount (with a lip that extends outward onto the countertop) or under-mount (with no lip). Additionally, every Edgewater sink is equipped with a double helping of custom American Standard technology: SoundSecure (TM) rubber sound pads on the bottom and sides to reduce unwanted noise and vibration, and a StoneLock (TM) spray insulation for additional sound absorption and condensation protection.

American Standard Edgewater Sink

The length of each sink in the Edgewater collection ranges between 20 and 35 inches depending on the model, and as an added bonus, each model comes with a removable bottom grid for extra scratch protection. It should also be noted that each sink only has one faucet hole, and is therefore best suited for a single-hole kitchen faucet.

Edgewater Faucets

Speaking of which, every faucet in the Edgewater collection is single-hole, with one handle attached to the base that controls both temperature and pressure. And while each model may seem similar at first, there are a few key differences that may be useful to know if you’re interested in making a purchase. Below, we’ve outlined the three main faucets in the Edgewater lineup:

  • The Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet features a retractable head with a magnetic docking system and SelectFlo technology, meaning it has four spray settings ranging from stream to mist. At 17 inches tall with a 9-inch spout reach, this faucet is built to provide flexibility in the kitchen.
  • The Single Handle Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet has a similar head to the pull-down model, but comes equipped with a spring spout that locks into place when not in use. Using this technology, the faucet is able to remain in place for drinking water purposes, and then maneuver around the sink for cleaning purposes.
  • The Single Handle Pull-Down Bar Faucet is built specifically for smaller sinks, often embedded in bars or kitchen islands. The most simplistic model in the Edgewater collection, the bar faucet is equipped with a retractable head and only one spray setting, perfect for a quick stream of water when you need it.

In addition to their individual features, each kitchen faucet in the Edgewater collection is low-lead compliant and ADA complaint, ensuring an easy and sanitary drinking water experience for all ages.

American Standard Edgewater Faucets

The Edgewater Difference

According to American Standard themselves, the Edgewater collection offers “an intriguing blend of sleek, geometric styling and impressive functionality,” promising nothing less than “a level of functionality that is nearly unmatched.” Each sink and faucet can be combined seamlessly to give your kitchen a simplistic yet multi-functional heart, making the Edgewater collection a must-have for anyone searching for that sleek, long-lasting look.

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