The Elkay Mission: Healthy Hydration

According to Forbes Magazine, “more than 80% of people respect companies and brands that adopt eco-friendly practices.” As environmental concerns increase, despite political leanings, most agree that there is no harm in a company that helps the environment.

Our brand partner Elkay is one such company. They are known for producing excellent drinking fountains that help reduce plastic waste (a win for the whales) by encouraging use of refillable water bottles. In addition to their commitment to helping the physical environment, Elkay has a mission to help people who need clean drinking water. In this article, we’ll dive into the efforts Elkay is making and where you can find their bottle fillers, drinking fountains, and water coolers at SUPPLY.com.

Elkay EZH2O

Elkay’s ezH2O bottle filling stations are a great choice for a school or healthcare facility that needs to keep cleanliness top-of-mind. This line of products features several benefits that reduce the spread of germs, including microbial coating and a hands-free filling option. It also has an exclusive Green Ticker™ that notifies the users how many 20 oz plastic bottles were saved by using the fountain. Check out the diagram below to see the highlights.  

All of this sounds pretty cool, huh? We think so – we even have an ezH2O bottle filler in our own office. We asked a few of our employees what they think about the fountains.

Katie – Operations
– Daniel, Merchandising

We offer a full catalog of Elkay ezH20 fountains at SUPPLY.com. If you’re looking for a basic indoor fountain that will provide water for plenty, we recommend this wall-mount model. It features both an electronic fill sensor and a push activation bubbler button. It’s also both ADA Compliant and low-lead compliant, meaning it will work with most facility requirements.

Fountains for Youth

Elkay realizes that many young students in America don’t have access to the quality water they need to grow and learn. With this in mind, Elkay is working to donate ezH20 fountains to schools in need, beginning in Chicago near their headquarters. Their mission is to enhance the lives of those in their community and around the world by providing children with healthy drinking water and information on other healthy habits. Watch the video below for more information on this wonderful program.

We’re proud to partner with brands like Elkay! In addition drinking solutions, they are known for high-quality stainless steel sinks and other fixtures like faucets. Shop their full catalog at SUPPLY.com here.

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