Exploring Hansgrohe’s ComfortZone


If you constantly find yourself having to bend down to wash your hands, or if your back hurts after washing your face and brushing your teeth at night, chances are you are tall or have a very low sink (or both). Either way, you’re in luck, because Hansgrohe has a solution for you.

Wash your hair under a tall Hansgrohe bathroom faucetHansgrohe knows that people come in all heights, so they have engineered their products to match any situation. Several Hansgrohe bathroom faucets are available in different heights to meet your needs; this feature is called the ComfortZone and it varies for each homeowner.

The faucets of the Hansgrohe Metris, Talis S, and Focus collections are available in many different ComfortZone heights. Tall faucets like the 13.3 inch tall Metris C Faucet perfectly compliment vessel and countertop sinks, leaving enough clearance to wash your hands. And when paired with an undermount sink, this model is able to fill vases and cups without any interference. With the addition of a tall ComfortZone faucet, homeowners over 5’10 won’t have to bend over and kill their backs just to wash their hands. The difference this simple faucet upgrade makes can be life changing.

The short Talis S 110V faucet is beauty in a small package!On the other end of the spectrum, short faucets like the 8 inch tall Metris 110 Single-Hole Faucet are the right choice for a bathroom with a typical undermount or topmount sink. Great for saving space, short faucets leave plenty of clearance above the sink for a shelf or medicine cabinet. Children will also appreciate being able to reach the handles of short faucets.

Medium height faucets like the 11 inch tall Metris 200 Basin Faucet are the best of both worlds. Tall enough to give plenty of clearance for a vessel sink without being too tall for shorter homeowners to use. Medium height faucets are a fantastic compromise in a bathroom being used by people of all different shapes and sizes.

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