Spotlight on the TOTO Neorest Collection

TOTO Neorest collection

To put it briefly, TOTO has been a leader in high-quality bathroom products and water efficiency for nearly a century. The company specializes in a blend of new technology and classic style, all with the goal of providing a relaxing and rejuvenating bathroom experience for their customers. And with the Neorest collection, TOTO takes elegance to a whole new level. Neorest products are as good as it gets when it comes to quality and style in the bathroom; below, we’ve listed all of the major products in the Neorest collection that have the potential to completely elevate your bathroom experience.

The TOTO Neorest 700H Elongated modelToilets

Neorest toilets from TOTO are designed specifically to be the most intuitive and energy efficient options on the market. Each model offered by SUPPLY.com is WaterSense Certified by the EPA, contains a dual flush mechanism (meaning that they use between 1 and 1.6 gallons of water per flush, depending on which button you press), and comes with a TOTO Washlet bidet seat that makes cleanliness a breeze.

On top of all that, each Neorest toilet is equipped with a CeFiONtect surface treatment that prevents the buildup of waste particles and is easy to clean with a simple wipe. And if you’re worried about height restrictions, you’ll be happy to hear that the Neorest 700H Elongated model (pictured) is ADA compliant. For more information on the features and specifications of the TOTO Neorest toilet collection, check out SUPPLY.com’s TOTO Toilet Buyer Guide!


Looking for a centerpiece that will tie your bathroom together while also providing a level of unparalleled relaxation? Look no further than the TOTO Neorest Soaking Bathtub. According to TOTO themselves, this tub is “the perfect focal point for any master bath. The Galaline solid surface material resists stains and retains heat for a gratifying and relaxing bath.”

With a slip resistant surface, a depth of nearly 2 feet, and a capacity to hold 81 gallons of water, this freestanding tub is the very definition of an immersive experience. Plus, because a majority of its volume it devoted to depth rather than width, the Neorest tub can provide relaxation without hoarding too much of the surrounding bathroom space.


Rounding off the major products in the Neorest collection is a lineup of bathroom sinks that combine modern technology with classic simplicity. Case in point, the Neorest Vessel Lavatory (pictured) comes with an LED lighting system that can be operated with a flick of a switch (Curious about the benefits of LED lighting? Check out SUPPLY.com’s recent article on the subject).

All Neorest toilets offered by SUPPLY.com are ADA compliant, and if you’re in the market for a simpler, more affordable option, the vitreous china models have a classic style and a hygienic CeFiONtect finish. No matter your choice of Neorest sink, you are guaranteed a product that lets you leave the bathroom feeling cleaner than ever.


In addition to the products mentioned above, the Neorest collection includes a variety of matching accessories, such as hand and shower towel bars, robe hooks, and an assortment of replacement parts and pieces should the need arise. These products aren’t necessarily essential, but they can often be the perfect way to tie the entire bathroom together into a single Neorest theme.

Has the TOTO Neorest collection caught your eye? Visit SUPPLY.com for the entire lineup!