U by Moen: Customize Your Shower

The voice-activated U by Moen is a refreshing addition to Moen’s lineup of leading shower technologies.Have a customer looking for luxury? Here’s what you need to tell them about U by Moen:

Imagine waking up in the morning, walking groggily into the bathroom, and immediately getting in a shower that is already on and flowing at the perfect temperature. This dream can become a reality with U by Moen, a system that makes it possible to customize your shower experience with a controller, your voice, and your phone.

U by Moen Digital Controller

Start the U by Moen shower setup with the remote controller that fits directly on to the shower wall. There are two options here: two or four outlet controllers are available depending on your showerhead placement preference. Two outlets are great for a main showerhead and a hand shower – the controller is hooked to both. For an even more luxurious bathing experience (and who doesn’t want that?), check out the four outlet option that will connect to side body sprays, creating a sauna-like spa effect. Watch the video below to see how to use the four outlet controller, and find installation details in Moen’s support guide or call your SUPPLY.com product expert at 888-426-2323 to get the controller up and running.

Connecting U by Moen to Your Phone

With the controller, select which showerheads come on and pick the perfect water temperature between 60° and 120° Fahrenheit – you can change the settings to Celsius, just as you can change the language between English, French, and Spanish. The breadth and specificity of choices available is enough of a reason to purchase U by Moen, but one of the best features of the technology is that you don’t even have to be in the shower to use the controller.

Download the U by Moen app, sync it to the controller by clicking “add device,” and start, pause, and stop the shower from any room in the house. Heat up the shower with your phone and get a notification when it’s ready to go! Up to 12 presets are available on the app, including temperature and timed showers; the app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

U by Moen phone app

Connecting U by Moen to Alexa

Another way to connect with U by Moen is by using an Amazon Alexa device. This is the ultimate choice for someone who has difficulty handling shower controls due to age or disability – with U, the shower can turn on and off without having to be touched at all.

U by Moen voice control

U by Moen Parts

While the controller is the most visually appealing tech gadget in the U by Moen collection, you’ll need a few other pieces for this technology to work properly. The U by Moen valve is one of these essential pieces – it is the center for the entire system that enables the flow of water. The valve does not have to be placed directly behind the shower wall like other valves, but instead can sit within 30 feet as long as it is connected to a standard GFCI outlet. To correspond with the control, U by Moen valves are available with two and four outlet options.

U by Moen valve

You will also, of course, need showerheads and sprays that connect to the controller. Moen is known not only for their technologies like U by Moen, but also for their modern fixtures. You can buy each part individually – the Moen catalog on SUPPLY.com has everything you need from individual showerheads to hand showers to body sprays. Another option is to buy everything in a package, like this Moen Kingsley Shower System that comes with a showerhead, trim, and four body sprays.

What Else to Know About U by Moen

There are several more things you should know if you’re considering U by Moen:

  • It runs on WiFi
  • It works with both Apple and Android phones
  • While you can control the water’s output temperature, U by Moen does not heat your pipes; if you have a faulty plumbing system or if it’s freezing outside, this technology will not improve any preexisting issues you have with your shower
  • It is highly recommended that you purchase the optional backup battery kit with the valve in case of power failure
  • The U by Moen comes in a Terra Beige color that fits into every setting
  • U by Moen is currently only available in the US and Canada

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