Upgrade Your Kitchen Faucet with Danze SnapBack


When it comes to kitchen faucets, flexibility and cleanliness are key. Whether the issue is a sticky hand or a pile of dirty dishes, you need a faucet that is able to provide a thorough cleaning and then stay out of the way when it’s not in use. Danze, Inc., has been in the American faucet business since 2001, and they constantly strive to produce the best in faucet technology. Their latest innovation? SnapBack Technology.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

SnapBack Technology from Danze is a revolutionary system that ensures faucet heads remain docked in place when not in use. The key to this feature lies in Danze’s Grip Lock weight system; simply attach the easily adjustable weight to the faucet hose beneath the sink (no tools required), and your faucet head will retract back to its original position the moment you let go.

As an added bonus, faucets with SnapBack Technology come with Smooth-Pull hoses that low-friction and virtually silent. Plus, each faucet head is ergonomically designed, with a solid brass interior and a two-function spray option. The Danze Parma faucet is a great example of how Danze incorporates innovation into their designs without sacrificing simplicity.

Want to see SnapBack in action? Check out the video from Danze below for a glimpse of how this technology makes the kitchen experience that much easier.

Additional Innovations from Danze

Due to their commitment to remaining a front runner in the modern faucet industry, Danze has equipped their products with a variety of signature features, many of which pair well with SnapBack Technology. These include the Danze Quick Connect adapter, which makes installing a new faucet easy and tool-free for both homeowners and professionals, and Danze Did-U-Wave technology, which incorporates both a motion sensor and an LED light into the faucet design.

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