Why Duravit is the Leader in Wall-Mounted Toilets

Have you ever wondered about the best way to install a toilet? There are many factors that go into the decision, but one of the first things to consider is whether the toilet needs to be mounted on the floor or the wall. In this article, we spotlight wall-mounted toilets, the benefits many people may not know about them, and how our brand partners at Duravit are leading the pack when it comes to modern wall-mounted technologies.

If you’re unsure of the difference between floor and wall-mount toilets, it is exactly what you might expected. The floor mount toilet is the standard design most people picture when they think of a toilet. A wall-mount toilet is similar in style but installed against the wall instead of bolted to the floor with piping underneath like a standard model (see above image).

There are numerous benefits to a wall-mount toilet, especially when it comes to Duravit. They look cleaner than standard toilets, with a minimalistic design, and will therefore add more style to a setting.

The minimalism that Duravit provides adds more than just visual design – wall-mount toilets allow for more space and are a great choice for smaller bathrooms (like a half bath or powder room). Another benefit of the size is cleaning; it’s easier to keep the floor clean without the toilet base at the bottom.

If you’re already interested in a wall-mounted toilet, our top-selling Duravit pick is Duravit Durastyle Wall Mount Toilet. It comes with an in-wall tank, dual flush type, and rear outlet type (see image below).

Wall-mounted toilets can be a good choice for commercial settings with certain code requirements, like ADA requirements. They tend to be flexible when it comes to ADA height requirements, as a wall-mounted toilet can be raised up or down along the wall. This installation type is also known for its stability and can withstand a lot of daily use, with a weight capacity up to 800 lbs. Water efficiency comes in to play as well, making the wall-mount options good for environmental reasons.

Duravit Technologies

Duravit applies some of the best technology in the business that sets their wall-mounted toilets apart. Below we go over some of these technologies and how the toilets benefit.


Duravit’s Durafix installation system is easy to install, and, once it’s complete, invisible from the outside. The concealed style is smooth and makes the toilet appear clean.

The Duravit P3 Comforts Toilet is one great option that features the Durafix concealed installation.


The Duravit Rimless® style toilets use a flushing mechanism that is strong, efficient, and reduces splashing. This is important, as one of the biggest complaints about toilets can be a weak flush. See video below for more information.

Hygiene Glaze

Duravit’s HygieneGlaze 2.0 helps kill bacterial growth on toilets and urinals. The coating acts quickly, killing 90% of bacteria within 6 hours and 99% within 24 hours. The glaze is especially great in a commercial setting, like a school, that would typically run into a lot of germs.


While the HygieneGlaze kills bacteria, WonderGliss assists in keeping the toilet sanitary by keeping a clean surface that is free of grime.

The Duravit Darling Specialty Toilet features WonderGliss along with Hygiene Glaze. It’s also ADA Compliant and features a wide 3″ gravity flush.


The SensoWash® toilet seat acts as a bidet, with three wash settings. The seat functions via remote control. It’s a great way to add the feel of a bidet feel to a wall-hung toilet.

Other Technologies

Other Duravit benefits include a powerful and silent gravity flush, large glazed trap ways to reduce clogging, and installation options for both 4” or 6” stud walls.

No matter which model you choose, you can’t go wrong with Duravit!

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