5 Gift Ideas for a Plumber

Finding holiday gifts for anyone can be difficult, but if you’re shopping for a plumber you may be even more unsure of what to buy. While gag gifts can be funny, you probably want to leave more than a toilet plunger under the Christmas tree. Have no fear! We’ve rounded up five ideas on what to buy for that special plumber in your life.

Tool bag

While plumbers are always in need of new tools, it can be difficult to assess what exactly somebody already has and what they want to add to their collection. We recommend buying a new tool bag instead.

This Veto Pro Pac is one of the best tool bags in the game. It’s heavy duty, weatherproof, and holds over 80 tools. It also has a padded waterproof bottom and a no-slip shoulder strap. Whoever you buy this for, all of their coworkers will be jealous!

Leatherman Multi-Tool

While we just recommended not buying tools, a nice Leatherman is a good option because it’s not specifically for the job. It’s not as niche as, say, the Milwaukee M18™ Force Logic 2”-3” ProPEX® Expansion tool, so you’re less likely to run into an issue if your giftee already has one. People could always use a new multi-tool!  

The Leatherman Signal® features a firestarter, hammer, one-handed blade, and emergency whistle. The tools include needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, wire stripper, combo knife, saw, hammer, awl with thread loop, can opener, and bottle opener, just to name a few.  

Personalized Whiskey Kit

While plumbers, or anybody in the trades, may appreciate something they can use on the job, they may prefer their Christmas gift to embody something fun that doesn’t remind them of work. If you think this is the case, may we suggest something that can be used after work.

We’ll let you pick out the whiskey your plumber would most appreciate, but you should get this kit no matter what you choose to pour in it. The full package includes a personalized hand-made whiskey decanter, two personalized heavy bottoms rock glasses, two ice sphere molds, two slate coasters, whiskey drinking journal, various nuts, and salted pistachios. One idea to make it more unique: you can personalize the set with company name or job title!

Carhartt Jacket

With the cold temperatures persisting well beyond this holiday season in the majority of the country, a nice jacket will be really useful. It can be worn on the job or for outdoor activities, so it’s a versatile present. Carhartt is one of the most well-known and respected brands amongst the trades when it comes to quality apparel, so your plumber will surely appreciate it.  

This sandstone duck coat is made for insulation in cold weather. Quilted nylon lining, removable hood, and big/tall size availability are just a few of the features that make this coat particularly alluring.

Plumbing T-Shirt

If you’re working a lower budget, or if the person you are buying a gift for has a sense of humor, check out the t-shirts at teepublic.com! Plumbers are proud of their profession, so they’ll love rocking a funny plumbing shirt. This website features t-shirt designs from different artists, so there’s something for everyone.

Not so sure that any of these ideas are the right gift? Remember that cash is always appreciated and can go a long way, especially for the plumber who wants to buy their own tools. Another suggestion is a vacation – the trades are a physically demanding job, so nothing beats relaxing on the beach for a break.

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