Breaking Down American Standard’s Custom Technology

american standard toilet tub faucet innovations

American Standard is one of the most classic, well-known plumbing fixture brands in the country. It’s a name that people know and are comfortable with – it literally sets the standard. Plus, they offer almost every product you need when building or planning a kitchen or bath, with a wide collection ranging from toilets to kitchen faucets.

As an industry professional, you likely already have a pretty good idea of which products you need – apart from price, one thing that helps you decide which brand to buy is the special features that they offer for their products. And when it comes to special features, American Standard sets the bar high with an expansive collection – in this article, we looked through these innovations and sorted them out by category. Whether you’re looking to buy American Standard for a project or you want to give your clients more information on their products, check out the rest of this article to see what makes this brand special.

Toilet Area

American Standard is perhaps most famous for their toilets. Stylish models are paired with practical functionality and innovative technology for a toilet that has everything you could possibly want. Seemingly simple qualities like high flushing power and cleanliness are not as common as one might hope and should not be underrated. Here are a few of the features that American Standard offers as far as toilets go.

FeatureDescriptionShop on SUPPLY.com
VorMax™ Flushing Technology
• Cleans 2X better than a conventional toilet
• Achieves the maximum energy out of the 1.28 gallons in the toilet
• Less water is needed to start the siphon, allowing more powerful water to wash the bowl clean
• The CleanCurve® Rim allows water to fully reach the top of the bowl and keep it clean

American Standard Acticlean Elongated Two Piece Toilet
PWRX™ Long-Life Battery System
• A long-lasting battery available on all American Standard Selectronic Faucets and Flush Valves
• Combines advanced lithium battery technology and super-efficient power storage
• Lasts up to 2.5 times longer than a standard sensor battery
• Battery life won't be affected by infrequent use, installation on high efficiency, water saving faucets or flush valves
American Standard Selectronic Flush Valve
Right Height™
• A comfortable height for everyone
• Many Right Height options are also ADA Compliant
• No more sinking down too low to the ground to use the toilet
American Standard Vormax Toilet

Shower Area

Bathtubs and shower systems are other popular go-to American Standard categories. Picture a classic bathtub and you’re likely imagining an American Standard. Over the years, they’ve solidified what’s important when it comes to bathing, like deep soaks and secure faucets. Elevate the bathroom experience with the technologies in the table below.

FeatureDescriptionShop on SUPPLY.com
Americast™ Technology
• A lighter alternative to cast iron
• Strong bond between the structural composite, the metal, and the enamel
• Insulation provides a sound deadening quality
• Better heat retention and protection against impact damage than other options
American Standard Princeton Soaking Bathtub
EverClean™ Surface
• Makes cleaning easier
• On all American Standard whirlpool and air bathtubs
• A permanent glaze is directly in the circulation piping, protecting from bacteria, mold, and mildew
American Standard Evolution Whirlpool Bathtub
Deep Soak™
• Allows for more water in a bathtub for a better bathing experience
• Eliminates the wasted space above a standard overflow cap
• Easy to install and easy to use
American Standard Tub and Shower Drain
• A lever is placed in the showerhead that makes it easy to switch between functions
• Works with one-hand operation, making it a perfect choice for someone with a disability or someone who wants to use a showerhead and handshower simultaneously
American Standard Spectra Handshower
• Secures the shower head in place
• Keeps the spray head in its place and prevents dangling or falling
American Standard Beale Pullout Spray Single Hole Kitchen Faucet

Sink Area

Faucets and sinks are yet more staples of the American Standard catalog. High-quality faucets match with sturdy sinks, making for attractive and organized  bathrooms and kitchens.

FeatureDescriptionShop on SUPPLY.com

• Kitchen faucet with four unique spray patterns
• Pull-down faucets have a pause function
• A twist dial switches between the settings, always reverting back to the classic stream after the faucet has been turned off
American Standard Edgewater Pullout Spray Single Hole Kitchen Faucet
• Rubber padding keeps sound and vibration minimal
• Perfect for a busy household that uses the sink often
American Standard Portsmouth Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
• A multi-layer spray insulation keeps condensation and dampness away on the underside of the sink
• Paired often with SoundSecure or SoundSecure+
American Standard Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
SmarTherm Technology
• SmarTherm™ Safety Shut-Off limits hot water
• Protects from scolding
• Eliminates the need for a separate thermostatic mixing valve
American Standard Selectronic Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

American Standard is an easy go-to brand for any product you need or project you’re working on. These features are an easy way to go the extra mile for your customers, adding an extra layer of convenience to their bathroom or kitchen experience. Without being too complex or expensive, the technologies in this guide bring products to the next level.

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