CEC Compliant – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a professional in the plumbing industry, you might have encountered government regulations at one point or another than prevented you from purchasing a certain fixture and changed your buying habits. CEC Compliance, which primarily deals with water usage in the state of California, is the latest in this line of regulations. In this article, our SUPPLY.com team of product experts will walk you through exactly how this regulation affects you, and provide examples of a wide range of products that meet CEC requirements.

What Does “CEC Compliance” Mean?

California water standards have been a hot topic in the news this month after new water restrictions were signed based on data from approved testing laboratories. An effort that has already been in place in California for a few years, however, is the push for CEC compliant products.

After a 2014 State of Emergency, the California Energy Commission (CEC) proposed a new ordinance due to extreme drought conditions. The CEC increased regulation on plumbing fixtures in order to save water and energy. If you’re a contractor or builder in California, water is likely always at the top of your mind, but the rules are also important for any homeowner to know.

California law began enforcing the new standards of CEC Compliance on plumbing fixtures in 2016. The latest update to the code, effective July 1st, 2018, is that shower devices (showerheads, handshowers, body sprays) should not exceed 1.8 gallons per minute (gpm), as opposed to the previous 2.0 gpm. We have made recent updates to our product catalog and shipping requirements at SUPPLY.com based on CEC compliance, so we wanted to give you a quick rundown of what the specifications are and which of our products fit in those guidelines.

What Are the Exact Requirements for CEC Compliant Products?

We mentioned the update to shower devices; here are the CEC requirements already in place for other plumbing fixtures (the only situations in which these numbers don’t apply are if you are supplying a prison or mental health care facility):

Product CategoryCEC Maximum Rate
Shower Devices 1.8 gpm
Kitchen Faucets1.8 gpm
Public Lavatory Faucets0.5 gpm
Residential Lavatory Faucets1.2 gpm
Toilets1.28 gpf (gallons per flush)
Urinals0.125 gpf

CEC Compliant Products at SUPPLY.com

Many SUPPLY.com customers hail from California, so we are making sure to include CEC compliant products in our catalog. You may want to consider our most water efficient products even if you live in another state in case your state’s code catches up (and to save water).

If you don’t see the “CEC” tag, look for products that are marked “water efficient” or “EPA WaterSense Certified.” If you are buying from California, know that these labels won’t guarantee CEC Compliance – you’ll still want to make sure the product checks all the boxes of the CEC. However, many of the standards are the same – for example, WaterSense Certified toilets also have 1.28 gpf or less.

The requirements for you may depend on if you are outfitting a home or a public facility – see the list of maximum rates above for lavatory (defined on our site as “bathroom”) faucet differentiations. Toilets, urinals, and kitchen faucets have the same standards for residential and commercial projects.

Below are links to the water efficient options for each category on SUPPLY.com. If you want to ensure that the product you’re buying will meet all the regulations, please give us a call at 888-426-2323. One of our product experts will be able to help determine the best fit for your exact requirements.

Want our recommendation on specific fixtures? Here are some of our favorite CEC compliant options that we carry:

This elongated, one piece TOTO Legato toilet (pictured above) fits into many code requirements – it is CEC compliant, WaterSense certified, and ADA compliant. Plus, it comes in four finishes!

This Danze bathroom faucet is CEC compliant – it’s also ADA compliant and Low Lead compliant. With its sleek look, we think this faucet is perfect for any modern home.

This Delta kitchen faucet is also CEC, ADA, and Low Lead compliant. It features a swiveling spout and pullout spray and comes in five finishes, ranging from chrome to Venetian bronze.

This GROHE shower faucet is yet another excellent option that fills several water and accessibility requirements. It comes in brushed nickel, and it features a pressure-balancing system and scald guard.

CEC Compliant Lighting and Additional Reading

If you’re in an electrical or interior design profession, it might also be useful to know that there are CEC regulations for lighting products as well. Fortunately, SUPPLY.com has options for you – keep an eye out for lighting fixtures that meet Title 24 energy efficiency standards, like this chandelier from the Kichler Langford collection.

Like we mentioned earlier, definitely call our knowledgeable reps with any questions you might have about CEC compliance. If you want to read up more on CEC compliance and water efficiency, though, here are a few resources we find helpful:

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