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  • How to REALLY Solve the Trade Labor Shortage

    In Partnership with Moen You’re only as good as the team you hire, especially when an angry customer needs a serious leak fixed ASAP. It can be increasingly difficult to find the right team, though. As a plumber, you know all about the skilled labor shortage that is plaguing the […]

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  • Explore the AO Smith XPERT™ Water Heater Selection Tool

    A water heater is one of the most important and complex fixtures to install in a house. Hot water is a big part of our daily lives, so a quality water heater, like those from the AO Smith catalog, is vital. There are a ton of options to consider – […]

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  • 7 Tips for Your New Plumbing Apprentice Job

    You’ve finally landed a plumbing apprenticeship and your first day on the job is around the corner. You’re eager, nervous, and not quite sure what to expect from your master or journeyman plumber. More than anything, you want your new boss to feel like they hired the right guy or […]

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  • AO Smith Tankless Water Heater Installation

    You’ve probably been there before. You get a call to replace a water heater, you show up to the job site, and the customer’s interested in switching to tankless. The catch? You’ve never installed one before. Don’t worry, SUPPLY.com and AO Smith (the world’s largest manufacturer of water heating equipment) […]

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  • How to Build a Custom Shower

    One of the biggest questions when renovating a bathroom for a client: What type of shower should I go with? Before you decide which shower system to install, however, you need to be able to answer another question: How many outlets of water does the client want? Just a basic […]

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  • Save Water and Money with Hansgrohe’s New Tool

    Water-efficient plumbing fixtures are more than a passing trend; everyone wins when it comes to saving water. You, the trade professional, can offer your customers products that are innovative and up to code, homeowners or business owners can save money, and, of course, there will be major environmental benefits for […]

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  • Moen Kitchen and Bath Innovations – the Full List

    A renowned brand in the kitchen and bath world, Moen was founded in the 1930s when Al Moen had an idea – the single-handle faucet – that revolutionized plumbing in homes across the nation. Ever since, Moen has continued to put innovation at the forefront of their products and their […]

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  • Breaking Down American Standard’s Custom Technology

    American Standard is one of the most classic, well-known plumbing fixture brands in the country. It’s a name that people know and are comfortable with – it literally sets the standard. Plus, they offer almost every product you need when building or planning a kitchen or bath, with a wide […]

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