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  • 5 Fun Facts About Plumbing On Boats

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to use the loo on the high seas? Have you ever installed a fixture aboard a boat, or experienced a plumbing disaster like the infamous 2013 Carnival cruise? While boats are surrounded by water, it can be ironically difficult to get fresh water to […]

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  • 5 Essential RIDGID Plumbing Tools

    If you’re a plumber, you know the name RIDGID as one of the most trusted tool brands in the industry. But did you know we now sell RIDGID at SUPPLY.com? We make it easy for our customers by operating as your one-stop-plumbing-shop; you can now shop for RIDGID plumbing tools […]

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  • 6 Pieces of Advice for Anyone Starting Out in the Plumbing Industry

    In partnership with Delta “I was an insurance agent one week and a plumber the next.” After 18 years working in the insurance industry, John Castro decided to become a plumber after remodeling his own house. He enjoyed helping out the plumber he hired for the remodel and was invited […]

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  • How to Organize Your Work Van

    In Partnership with Elkay Have you ever let the mess in your work van or truck get out of control? It takes you (or the unlucky apprentice) 20+ minutes to find a tool that’s buried underneath a box of fittings that’s buried underneath a stack of pipe. You can hear […]

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  • 10 Workwear Essentials to Take to the Job Site

    In Partnership with American Standard You’re working 40+ hours a week, moving around constantly, and often in dirty or dangerous situations. As a plumber, you don’t have time to deal with wrong-sized gloves, uncomfortable knee pad straps, or – let’s be real – wet socks. You need the best of […]

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  • How to REALLY Solve the Trade Labor Shortage

    In Partnership with Moen You’re only as good as the team you hire, especially when an angry customer needs a serious leak fixed ASAP. It can be increasingly difficult to find the right team, though. As a plumber, you know all about the skilled labor shortage that is plaguing the […]

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  • Explore the AO Smith XPERT™ Water Heater Selection Tool

    A water heater is one of the most important and complex fixtures to install in a house. Hot water is a big part of our daily lives, so a quality water heater, like those from the AO Smith catalog, is vital. There are a ton of options to consider – […]

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  • 7 Tips for Your New Plumbing Apprentice Job

    You’ve finally landed a plumbing apprenticeship and your first day on the job is around the corner. You’re eager, nervous, and not quite sure what to expect from your master or journeyman plumber. More than anything, you want your new boss to feel like they hired the right guy or […]

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