How to Identify Plumbing Parts

While remodeling a home or repairing old fixtures, it can be difficult to determine the brand and model number of replacement parts, sometimes even for seasoned plumbers. The material may be worn down, out of date, or broken beyond recognition.

We found helpful resources from several of our brands to help you identify confusing parts you run across out there in the field. We hacked these shopping tools and part identifiers by narrowing down the filters that describe the product we were looking for. Below is a guide to how we used sources from Moen, Kohler, Delta Faucet, American Standard and TOTO, plus a different sort of tool at Ferguson branches, to help avoid the headache and inconvenience of figuring out which part to get for a customer.


Identify My Product

You’ve likely run across a Moen product out in the wild before – they’re an old, trusted company that has its hands in every room of the house and every main fixture category. This tool is built to help you determine which new product to buy, but we found it useful if you have a specific product you’re looking to replace, as it can help you filter down by shape and style. Note: This particular tool works best if you’re already confident it’s a Moen product. Click the link above to get started figuring out which product you’re looking to replace.

The first thing you’ll need to do is select which room you’re in. We’ll check out the kitchen for the purpose of walking through an example. From there, we’ll select “Kitchen Faucets,” then “Kitchen Sink Faucet” as the product we’re after. Let’s say it has one handle and a pull-down system, in chrome. Next you’ll find a list of recommended products. While this isn’t an exact science to determine an unknown part, it helps narrow down what you’re looking for and gives a smaller pool of reference for the product that you have in your hand.


Find Parts

Ah KOHLER, helpful and efficient as always. Their tool works in a similar way to Moen. In this scenario, we’ll begin by selecting “Bathroom” as the room we’re in. From there, let’s check out “Toilets,” then “Two-piece” toilets.

Next, it gets more detailed and asks which flushing mechanism we’re looking for. We selected “Flapper,” then “3 and 1/3in Flapper.” Now we can see our results, which show us potential matching products. Any discontinued products will show suggested replacements if relevant.


Find a Part

The Delta repair parts page provides you with two options. You can either search for a keyword or model number (providing you already know this) to help find your part, or you can use it in a similar way to the previous two tools. We’ll try out both.

We decided to check out the kitchen section. From there we chose “Accessory,” then “Sink Accessory,” marked that it’s not electronic and we’re not sure what finish. We are given a list of about thirty options for the product we’re looking for, a list that consists mostly of air gaps or kitchen sink flange and strainers, which we could match visually to the product we needed to find and narrow down further.

American Standard

Toilet Parts Matrix

This resource is a bit different from the other ones in this guide. Click the link above then click “Download the American Standard Toilet Matrix.” If you know your tank SKU or toilet name, this chart will help you identify the other parts you need. For example, if you see the tank SKU is “4000004.XXX,” refer to the spreadsheet and you’ll be able to find the corresponding family name, brand, flush valve, flapper/seal, and so on.


Identifying Your TOTO Model Number

This quick TOTO video details how to find the model number in a TOTO toilet. It’s a relatively simple process, but if you’re unsure of which brand of toilet you’re looking at, you can check inside the tank to see if a TOTO number is stamped inside.



There’s a great physical tool at your disposal that’s available at Ferguson branches. Take the product you’re unsure of and place it inside the Skubot, which is basically a robot box that scans your product and uses its database to determine what product you have. The video link above goes into detail on how to use the Skubot, and an employee at your local Ferguson branch will be able to help you with any further questions.

Once you know which part you need, find it at SUPPLY.com! Shop below or give our product experts a call at 877-781-3114!