Moen Kitchen and Bath Innovations – the Full List

A renowned brand in the kitchen and bath world, Moen was founded in the 1930s when Al Moen had an idea – the single-handle faucet – that revolutionized plumbing in homes across the nation. Ever since, Moen has continued to put innovation at the forefront of their products and their company.

At SUPPLY.com, we’re on board with Moen’s goal to make customer lives easier. We also want to make your life easier as the professional in the plumbing business, so we put together this guide to Moen’s innovations to help you better understand Moen’s custom technology terms, pick the best product for your project, and wow your clients with the latest in the industry.

MotionSense™ Touchless Faucets

Moen’s MotionSense™ Touchless faucets are a lifesaver in the kitchen. Two built-in sensors provide an easy, hands-free option when washing dishes or preparing food. Worrying about dough-covered or paint-dripping hands is a problem of the past with the Moen wave sensor that turns on and off with a simple wave of motion. A pot, bowl, or plant placed directly beneath the spout will activate the Moen ready sensor, which will shut off as soon as the item is removed. Standard handle operation is still included with MotionSense™ faucets, making for a full package. Check out this Moen Brantford faucet – it comes in Spot Resist Stainless (another special feature we’ll discuss later in the article) and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Power Clean™

With Moen’s Power Clean™, a powerful spray of water cleans with a new level of intensity. Compared to regular Moen faucets, Power Clean™ has a streaming capacity that is 50% stronger. Lingering crumbs or sticky sauces will wash away instantly and completely, without any wild splashing or messiness. The Moen Brantford Kitchen Faucet is a great faucet option with Power Clean™; it also features a high-arc pulldown spout, simple single-hole installation, is ADA Compliant and has a traditional, polished style.

Power Boost™

Similar to Power Clean™ in that it has a power 50% stronger than other faucets, Moen Power Boost™ faucets, like this ADA Compliant Moen Notch Kitchen Faucet, provide a better clean and faster fill in the kitchen. A concentrated, forceful jet of water shoots from the spout, breaking through hard-to-crack messes or speedily filling containers.

Reflex™ Pulldown Faucets

Moen Reflex™ technology eliminates droopy pulldown kitchen faucets that get in the way. The hose of the faucet has an extremely wide range of motion and it features a self-retraction function that snaps it directly back into place securely. We really like this Moen Arbor Kitchen Faucet, which is ADA Compliant and contains several other features mentioned in this article in addition to Reflex™ technology.


Moen’s innovations don’t end in the kitchen; Magnetix showerheads add a special touch to the bathroom. Magnetic docking allows the showerhead to release easily but always snap back in to place. An extended reach and hose that doesn’t tangle makes this feature an attractive option for anyone. Six unique spray functions, operated with a push button or dial control, elevate Magnetix showerheads from products of convenience to ones of luxury. To experience Magnetix™ in a handshower, try this Moen Handshower that offers several spray patterns including full, jet, massage, and mist.

Spot Resist™ Finish

Keep a showerhead or faucet finish shiny with Moen’s special Spot Resist™. This custom technology is available on both stainless and brushed nickel finishes. It helps prevent fingerprints, water spots, and other grimy markings. Going with a Spot Resist™ product is an easy way to ensure that the product will look like new as long as it lasts. We recommend this ADA Compliant Moen Hensley Tub and Shower Faucet that features Spot Resist™ brushed nickel finish.

U by Moen™

You may remember U by Moen™ from our previous feature, but here’s a quick recap. Moen’s digital controller allows the user to connect their shower with an app on their phone. Everything from turning on various body sprays to adjusting the temperature is possible to control from anywhere in the house, even straight from bed in the morning. U by Moen™ can also be used directly in the shower to easily switch between shower system options, creating a spa-like experience, or can be used via an Amazon Alexa device with voice activation. You can shop for U by Moen™ here.

Microban Faucets

Moen’s Microban Faucets feature a finish that helps prevent the growth of bacteria. From simple odor prevention to stopping serious health issues that can arise from bacteria, it’s helpful to have the built-in antimicrobial structure that is made to counteract damaging microbes. Plus, this finish will greatly reduce cleaning time, which is always a bonus when it comes to the kitchen. This ADA Compliant Moen Hensley Bathroom Faucet is one of our top Microban picks.

Immersion® Rainshower

The Immersion® Rainshower provides excellent water pressure and full coverage in the shower – perfect for a home or a hotel (nothing like a strong flow to end the stigma of finicky hotel faucets). The self-pressurizing system allows the water to fall at a consistent rate, instead of gathering up in the showerhead and trickling out. Create a shower experience that is fully immersive, relaxing, and refreshing. Check out this Moen Velocity Showerhead in Chrome or Brushed Nickel.


Moen’s M●PACT® common valve system means simple installation using only two tools – an Allen wrench and a screwdriver. Fixtures with this feature can easily be changed at any point during the construction or renovation process without having to reinstall the entire plumbing system. M●PACT® is a major time saver and it cuts out the possibility of making any deeper plumbing mistakes that would be hard to remedy. Shop this ADA Compliant Moen Bathroom Faucet in Nickel, Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, or Brushed Nickel.

Moen’s innovations are useful for both homeowners and SUPPLY.com PROs who are looking to help their client upgrade. In addition to the products featured in this article, the full Moen catalog is available on SUPPLY.com.

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