Save Water and Money with Hansgrohe’s New Tool

Water-efficient plumbing fixtures are more than a passing trend; everyone wins when it comes to saving water. You, the trade professional, can offer your customers products that are innovative and up to code, homeowners or business owners can save money, and, of course, there will be major environmental benefits for all. It can be tricky, however, to find a way to save water that does not reduce the expected user experience, like the high shower pressure that so many crave.

With Hansgrohe’s EcoRight technology, which requires 60% less water than other Hansgrohe products, there’s an opportunity to maintain the quality performance of shower faucets that comes with the rest of the renowned Hansgrohe catalog at SUPPLY.com, all while saving water. To show you the best ways to take advantage of these savings, we took to the Hansgrohe PRO site to check out their water savings calculator, which compares the energy costs, water costs, and total annual savings from regular faucets to those with EcoRight technology.

Below, we’ll walk you through how to interact with this tool that’ll allow you and your client to compare results and select the perfect fixtures.

Select Your Faucet

The first step is selecting a product. Hansgrohe gives you the choice to choose a showerhead / shower faucet, sink faucet, or electronic faucet (or all 3, if you need multiple options). For an example, let’s calculate the savings for the Metris Electronic Single-Hole Faucet. Electronic bathroom faucets are typically used in commercial settings, where heavy traffic makes saving water a top priority.

The Metris faucet, aside from being electronic, is ADA Compliant and WaterSense certified. Its sleek design allows it to easily fit into any setting, a built-in stop reduces splashing, and the single-hole build makes for an easy installation. Even without the water-efficient benefits, this faucet is an attractive choice.

Enter Energy Data

The next section within the water savings calculator is the most complex – this is where your homeowner will enter the information of how much water is currently being used. This will vary from house to house and business to business, but for the sake of showing how useful it is we have an example below, using the Metris faucet we chose in the last section. You’ll need to know current pricing and water consumption in order to compare – this energy cost calculator from the US Department of Energy is another tool you may find helpful when calculating this data.

Compare Results

Below are the results and the calculation details from our comparison. Here you will see exactly how much water and energy is being saved. This a great documentation to show the advantages that Hansgrohe offers to a customer who is unsure if they want an EcoRight faucet. It even points out what you can do with the savings, like how many miles you can drive with the amount of CO2 saved.

Want to use the Hansgrohe water savings calculator? In addition to the Metris faucet selected above, we recommend this Hansgrohe Raindance Handshower or this Hansgrohe Logis Bathroom Faucet as great additional bathroom products to consider for comparison. Want to learn more about EcoRight technology? Check out this video:


At SUPPLY.com, we know that PROs like Hansgrohe and like saving water, so we hope this guide to their calculator will assist in your purchase decision.

Want to see more or have any other questions? Check out the full Hansgrohe catalog below or give our product experts a call at 877-781-3114!

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