Which Marvel Superhero are You on the Jobsite?

Are you super strong? Brilliant when it comes to solving problems? Take our plumbing-themed quiz to see what superhero you would be if your jobsite was the Marvel Universe!

Do you enjoy working on a team?

You're at a customer's home, facing an installation you've never seen before. What do you do?

You're on a big job with a a team of workers. What's your role?

What's your favorite part about being a trade pro?

You charge a customer for a job then leave. Later they call and say you charged them too much. What do you do?

Which Marvel Superhero are You on the Jobsite?
Captain America

When it comes to the job, you're an incredible leader. You always want to do the right thing, whether that's treat your employees with respect, do right by the customer, or produce the highest quality of work.

You love the physical aspects of your job. You're strong and great with tools. You also enjoy working with your team, though you can get competitive if you feel challenged.
The Hulk

You combine brains and brawn, making you the ultimate worker. You like facing the mental challenges your job offers, while also using your physical strength. Sometimes you get a bit too angry when something goes wrong or the job gets you down, but all in all you're a respected worker and good at what you do.
Iron Man

You're the brains of the operation. You really understand the elements you're working with and always come up with creative solutions to problems. You prefer to work alone, which can sometimes come across as arrogant to your coworkers, but overall everyone appreciates the work you do.

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