Accessing Your Order History

Every order, conveniently located in one place for easy access.

Your SUPPLY.com Order History is a safe place where all of your orders, including each specific item, are stored. Once inside, you’ll be able to scroll through and search using the order number, job name, or order and ship date. Better yet, once you click on a familiar order, you can quickly add items from the order to your existing cart.

To access many of the features listed below, make sure you’re logged into your SUPPLY.com account.

Find your Order History in your Account Home.


How do I access my order history

Once you’ve successfully logged into your SUPPLY.com account, select the My Account dropdown (located next to the search bar), then click the Order History button. From there you’ll find an archived list of your previous orders. There is also a smaller list of recent orders available on your Account Home page.

PRO Tip: Establish relationships with customers

Using your Order History allows you to quickly and easily search detailed info for customers. Upon job completion, let your customer know that if they ever have any questions about the product name, model number or pricing regarding their new fixture to contact you. This is helpful for referrals and keeps you top of mind.