Receiving Your Order

Simple steps to follow when your order arrives.

Receiving your order from SUPPLY.com can be exciting, but there are a few important boxes you need to check right off the bat. Check out the video and FAQs below for correctly receiving and handling your SUPPLY.com delivery, and be sure to let our team of product experts know if you have any questions at 866-355-0310.

And remember, to access many of the features listed below, make sure you’re logged into your SUPPLY.com account.

Receiving Ground Packages


How can I tell if my order will arrive by ground delivery?

Small items arrive by ground delivery (standard parcel delivery) – this includes items like faucets, parts, accessories (anything that comes in a box).

How does it work?

It’s likely the UPS guy will just leave your items on the porch. No signature is required. Simple stuff.

What do I do if I find the product damaged upon delivery?

You have 48 hours to respond if there’s something wrong with the product. Call us (866-355-0310) or email us at support@supply.com, and we’ll send you another product to replace the damaged or broken product.

If you report the damaged items outside of 48 hours, unfortunately WE CANNOT GUARANTEE a full replacement. However, we’ll do the best we can to take care of you – we usually offer a discounted replacement product (at our cost for the product) plus shipping cost.

Receiving Freight Packages

How can I tell if my order will arrive by freight?

Usually larger orders will arrive by freight – this includes bathtubs, fancy items (like TOTO Neorests), or several toilets, sinks, or other items in one order.

How does it work?

The freight company (usually UPS freight or R&L carriers) will call or email you to set up an appointment to deliver your pallet of goods via curbside delivery. Someone (over the age of 18) needs to be present for this meeting to receive the pallet and sign for the shipment.

How do I inspect the products? What about accepting or refusing the package?

Before you sign for the products, we encourage you to do a quick inspection of products (just pop open the boxes and check for obvious damage). If you find any obvious visual damage while the driver is still present, you must refuse the item (which involves actually telling the driver that you refuse the item and not signing the line). It’s ok to accept some items which are in good condition. That is, refuse only the damaged items and keep the rest.

NOTE: Signing for your delivery means that you have received all goods in acceptable condition (you’ll see that on the little line you sign). If you don’t inspect and refuse damaged items (or note “damaged” on the delivery receipt), unfortunately we cannot guarantee replacement.

What if I don’t realize something’s damaged until after the driver has left?

If you notice something’s broken or damaged after the driver has left and you’ve already signed, please notify us (866-355-0310) as soon as possible (must be within 24 hours of delivery).