Saving Your Cart

Access regular orders or complete an incomplete order quickly and easily.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to a grocery store and just pick up a pre-packed shopping cart with the things you buy every week? Our Save Cart tool lets you do exactly that for your SUPPLY.com orders. Create it once, save it and place frequent orders easily. Share Saved Carts with your customers and let them choose a product package to meet any budget.

To access many of the features listed below, make sure you’re logged into your SUPPLY.com account.

Save and find your Saved Carts in your Cart Actions menu.

PRO Tip: Give your customer 3 options for 1 job – Close the deal!

Save three carts for the same job with product options ranging from good, better to best. Download PDFs or share each of your Saved Carts (located inside your Account Home). Click the View Cart then select Email Cart from the Cart Actions. If you’d like to save as a PDF, select the Print button then Save As. Then email each cart to your customer to show cost comparison.


How do I save my shopping cart?

Start on your Cart page. Find the five Cart Actions just below the Secure Checkout button. Click the Save Cart action. Name your cart (Hint: Name your cart for a specific job or project) and click the Save Cart button.

Once saved, you’ll then be able to access your cart via the Saved Carts feature, found inside your Account Home.

Trying to access your Saved Carts on a mobile device?

Sign into your PRO account. On the homepage of SUPPLY.com, at the top of the page – in the upper right-hand corner, just to the right of the SUPPLY.com logo – you’ll find the Cart icon, click that. A fly-out menu will appear on the right-hand side. Click the View Your Cart button. From there you can access your Cart Actions or checkout.

Can I send my saved cart to my Account Manager for an estimate?

Yes! Start on your Cart page. Find the five Cart Actions just below the Secure Checkout button. Click the Request Estimate action. Assign a job name, select an expected start date, enter a note if you’d like, and hit the Submit Request button.

What happens to my cart if I open a saved cart?

Be careful. Opening a saved cart will delete any items you may have in a live cart on the site.