Using Your Address Book

Use your address book to add and manage multiple shipping locations.

We’ll send your order wherever you’d like. Simply add a desired shipping address to your Address Book and select the address desired upon checkout. Using your Address Book can enable you to ship to the office, home or job site with ease.

To access many of the features listed below, make sure you’re logged into your SUPPLY.com account.

Find your Address Book in your Account Home.


Once signed in, click the My Account icon or your name and when the fly-out menu appears, click the Address Book link.

How do I update my address book?

On the Address Book page, click the Add New Address button and enter in your details. By default, your first address will become your Primary. You can add as many addresses as you’d like. You can select the circle in the upper left-hand corner of any address box to make it your primary address. If you’ve already purchased with SUPPLY.com, you should have an address on file.

Trying to update your Address Book on a mobile device?

Sign into your PRO account. On the homepage of SUPPLY.com, at the top of the page – in the upper right-hand corner, just to the right of the SUPPLY.com logo – you’ll find the My Account icon, click that. A fly out menu will appear on the right-hand side. Click the Address Book link.