Using Your Saved Estimates

Send us your request and we’ll turn around an estimate within 24 hours.

You’re busy. You provide estimates for customers on a daily basis. We’ve built the Saved Estimates tool specifically for you. Using your Saved Estimates tool, you can answer pricing questions as easy as ever and makes checkout a breeze. All estimates created by your Account Manager will live on your Saved Estimates page for quick and easy access to checkout when ready.

To access many of the features listed below, make sure you’re logged into your SUPPLY.com account.

Find your Saved Estimates in your Account Home.


To access your Saved Estimates, make sure you’ve successfully signed into your SUPPLY.com PRO account. Once signed in, click the My Account icon, and when the fly out menu appears, click the Saved Estimates link.

You can also access your Saved Estimates from your Account Home, located on the left hand navigation menu in the Orders section.

Trying to access your account on a mobile device?

Sign into your PRO account. On the homepage of SUPPLY.com, in the upper right hand corner, just to the right of the SUPPLY.com logo, you’ll find the My Account icon, click that. A fly out menu with Account options will appear on the right. Click the Saved Estimates link.

How do I create an estimate?

Great question! Creating estimates is as simple as calling or emailing your dedicated Account Manager with a list of products in need of pricing. You can quickly email your Account Manager from any page of your Account Home.

Can I create an estimate from a cart?

Yes! Access your cart by clicking the Cart icon in the upper right corner of the site. Then, simply click the Request Estimate button. From there, you can add a job name, select the expected job start date and hit send. That’s it! Once your Account Manager turns around the estimate, it’ll live in the Saved Estimates page of your account.

PRO Tip: Plan ahead with a SUPPLY.com PRO Account Manager

Break the daily headache of waiting for pricing and orders by sending us the products, and we’ll do the rest. Simply email or call your Account Manager with your order and we’ll turn around an estimate, while you spend more time taking care of your customers.