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More Tools and Resources for PROs

  • Supply Pipes: Copper vs. PEX

    When it comes to tubing and supply pipes, copper and PEX are two of the best – and most debated – materials on the market. Copper is the classic choice but PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is becoming increasingly more desirable. At SUPPLY.com, finding the perfect tubing for your project is more than […]

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  • Closet Flange Installation – Flush or Above?

    A toilet is a necessity in any home, and proper installation is a must to ensure that it works well. Leaky, broken, or misaligned toilets are a hassle for everyone involved. A key component to toilet installation is the closet flange; the fitting that connects the toilet to the drain […]

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  • CEC Compliance – Everything You Need to Know

    If you’re a professional in the plumbing industry, you might have encountered government regulations at one point or another than prevented you from purchasing a certain fixture and changed your buying habits. CEC Compliance, which primarily deals with water usage in the state of California, is the latest in this […]

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  • The 2018 Work Boot Field Guide

    You may have heard the saying before that goes something like “There are two things in life you shouldn’t cheap out on – your boots and your bed. You spend all day in one and all night in the other.” As a trade professional, you know better than anyone that […]

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  • Productivity Tips and Tools for Trade Professionals

    What if you could free up just 30 minutes of your day? What would freeing up three hours a week mean for your business or, more importantly, your family? At SUPPLY.com, we know that being productive and finding time to do more is often the biggest challenge PROs face when […]

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  • The PROs Guide to Mastering Microsoft Excel – Part II

    In Part I of this guide, we walked you through the basics of using Microsoft Excel, gave you an introduction to some of its advanced functionality, and provided a number of free downloadable templates to help you along the way. If you’re still catching up, hop back to that post […]

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  • The PROs Guide to Mastering Microsoft Excel – Part I

    If you’re still relatively new to Microsoft Excel, you might be asking yourself, “How can a spreadsheet of empty boxes, never ending numbered rows, and strange formulas help my small business?” At SUPPLY.com, our team of analysts examine and dissect massive amounts of data every day, using Microsoft Excel, to […]

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  • 17 Essential Tools for Your Small Business

    As a small business owner, depending on the time of day, you’re the accountant, sales person, marketing guru, project manager, bill collector, and/or janitor. To say you wear many hats doesn’t do your job justice – you wear ALL the hats. When it comes to finding the tools to cure […]

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