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More Tools and Resources for PROs

  • How to Build a Custom Shower

    One of the biggest questions when renovating a bathroom for a client: What type of shower should I go with? Before you decide which shower system to install, however, you need to be able to answer another question: How many outlets of water does the client want? Just a basic […]

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  • Save Water and Money with Hansgrohe’s New Tool

    Water-efficient plumbing fixtures are more than a passing trend; everyone wins when it comes to saving water. You, the trade professional, can offer your customers products that are innovative and up to code, homeowners or business owners can save money, and, of course, there will be major environmental benefits for […]

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  • Moen Kitchen and Bath Innovations – the Full List

    A renowned brand in the kitchen and bath world, Moen was founded in the 1930s when Al Moen had an idea – the single-handle faucet – that revolutionized plumbing in homes across the nation. Ever since, Moen has continued to put innovation at the forefront of their products and their […]

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  • Breaking Down American Standard’s Custom Technology

    American Standard is one of the most classic, well-known plumbing fixture brands in the country. It’s a name that people know and are comfortable with – it literally sets the standard. Plus, they offer almost every product you need when building or planning a kitchen or bath, with a wide […]

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  • Essential Online Delta Resources Curated by SUPPLY.com

    You already know Delta from countless commercial jobs. They offer a large catalog of faucets, shower systems, and accessories that are great for outfitting large facilities (check out our Delta Faucet Buyer Guide for more info). With such a large product offering, Delta has a slew of online resources to help PROs […]

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  • Supply Pipes: Copper vs. PEX

    When it comes to tubing and supply pipes, copper and PEX are two of the best – and most debated – materials on the market. Copper is the classic choice but PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is becoming increasingly more desirable. At SUPPLY.com, finding the perfect tubing for your project is more than […]

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  • Closet Flange Installation – Flush or Above?

    A toilet is a necessity in any home, and proper installation is a must to ensure that it works well. Leaky, broken, or misaligned toilets are a hassle for everyone involved. A key component to toilet installation is the closet flange; the fitting that connects the toilet to the drain […]

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  • CEC Compliance – Everything You Need to Know

    If you’re a professional in the plumbing industry, you might have encountered government regulations at one point or another than prevented you from purchasing a certain fixture and changed your buying habits. CEC Compliance, which primarily deals with water usage in the state of California, is the latest in this […]

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